Tanssitytön blogi: tea and sympathy, my teacup.

A cup of tea and the world seems to be a better place right after…

We have in Finland the saying: ”Teetä ja sympatiaa” which means: Tea and sympathy. It’s a funny saying but on the other hand I understand where it comes. Tea (like coffee also) will brighten you up. Tea is just smoother than coffee so it really will make you on better mood…atleast for a while.

Today when I woke up I took a cup of tea (cause there was no coffee left). I felt better after that. I started thinking like it’s so nice it’s summer and it’s bright and green…and that everything will be allright. I even thought that I will surely soon find a new permanent job which I still haven’t got after ”A”(person who’s care taker I was 10 years) passed away. I thought more positively than before my morning tea. That’s interesting and that I also have noticed after drinking coffee. I did sometimes read somewhere that coffee decrease depression, especially women depression. I think tea will also help (it must be the caffeine). Caffeine is really interesting stuff…

Have a happy ascension day!


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