The traditional Helsinki samba carnival was here saturday. The costumes was colourful and beautiful and the tone was so joyfull. The music was great just like the weather also! Sun shined and people were happy. It was the perfect day! 

I love samba and I’m very happy we’ve got our own carnival here. I almost wanted to go dancing in that line. I can dance samba cause younger I use to go on bailatino classes for a while. The basic samba is easy…(atleast in my mind but it can be because of my strong dance background but) I think anyone can do it somehow…maybe not so perfectly but it doesn’t matter at carnival. Competitive dance is different thing…

Enjoy this carnivalmotion with my picks and video…and have a great new week!

The keynote of some samba school was sauna. This plaque says: ”sauna is warming finnish people hearts”. So true!

3 ajatusta artikkelista “HELSINKI SAMBA CARNAVAL 10.6.-17.


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