It’s the best time of the year here in north: midsummer! Now it’s the time to eat well, maybe drink some, go to sauna and relax!

If you don’t know what to eat at midsummer (and want to something else than just grilled sausages or ribs) there is one good recipe to you, which is my favorite! It’s the pasta I make regularly with a little variations. Previous time I tried a new process again which is the best way ever make pasta (cooking pasta in it’s sauce-atleast partly). I’m gonna use it always in the future cause the texture will be better in pasta (all dente) but it’s not only that, also pasta takes flavour in it’s sauce. This is simple but sooo tasty pasta. Now little bit advertisement also. ”Pirkka” tomato crush (with herbs) is the best I ever tried (but you are maybe not getting it if you live outside Finland). So just use your favorite tomato crush. 

You can put in your pasta what ever you like but that’s simple base…and that cheese what I tried last time (and was delicious) you can replace whit what ever cheese you like. 

Amounts are guideline. If you want to save food to next day, you can add more these ingredients. 

you need (for two):

-(Pirkka) tomato crush (with herbs) (1 can)

-a small onion (or half of onion)

-makaroni or pasta (about 100-200g)

-cream (dash)

(-chilli cheddar) cheese (some)

(-olives some)

(-tabasco some)

-Barbecue spice mix (some)

(-for watering you can use some olives Juice or maybe some olive oil or dash of water)

Sometimes I put also knackwursts in this pasta (and it’s worth to try) but this time I didn’t.


If you like you can start with cooking pasta a little bit (just few minutes). Then it doesn’t have to be in sauce as long. It depends what you like and how vigorous (all dente) you want your pasta. If it seems you have pasta quite much compared to sauce it’s better to cook pasta first a little bit (unless you use fresh pasta.) Atleast this is quicker way.  

(If you now have the pasta’s cooking water on,) you can peel and chip the onion and sweat it quickly if you like. Last time I forgot my onion and put it straight to sauce, but it was also good. Not so smooth but good.

Then you can put the sauce to pan (with onion) and throw the pasta also there. Cook as long as the pasta is fine for you and mix sometimes. If the sauce will get dry, add some watering (olive juice, olive oil or water). Then put the seasonings and cream there and finally cheese and olives. Your pasta is ready! 

You can serve this pasta for example with feta salad. It’s good combination and suites great at (mid) summer!

Bon appetit and happy midsummer!

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  1. Wow I have never heard of Pirkka on the pasta ahaha so this is more like a Finnish version of Italian pasta 😉 next time try Parmesan cheese on it, it is the best 😉

    • I know that parmesan is good with pasta but this was ment to be a little bit different version… and yeah it’s also a finnish version cause I’m living in Finland and I use much finnish productions. I like these flavours and those are great together!


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