”All it believes, all it hopes, all it suffers…Love only stays…Love never dies”, Mia Joki is singing with her magical voice. So simple but so true! So much life in it with that haunting melodia. So much emotions. Music is sometimes very powerful like this song! I fell in love with it when I heard it in tv the day before yesterday. Yesterday evening (at monday) I listened it again and it got me thinking about my parents. Maybe because I sent my dad again to hospital at monday. 

It was very much like the last time before Christmas when he had a pneumonia. He was unclear and weak like then. Also he had a fewer. Crp have been high (which is telling eruption) so it can be the same again. 

This song got me thinking my parents marriage and their whole life. They have made a long trip together and they really have been believed, hoped and also suffered. They’ve been married since year 1969 which makes almost 48 years. They got my brother five years after that and I got my life started (at mom’s stomach) when they had been then years together. These years have went so fast and we have experienced so much! It’s hard to think that my own parents who where about my age when they got me are already in 70’s. That feels very weard but the fact is they’re getting old and I don’t know how long they even can be living at home and can dad be still back home after this. Let’s just hope it’ll work out somehow…even we all know nothing is everlasting…

(By the way this song could have been our Eurovision song contest song. (I know I thought the real one would work better it did but this could have been maybe even better for that competition). This is so much ESC style.)

4 ajatusta artikkelista “MIA JOKI ”RAKKAUS/”LOVE”


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