Just that you know, my dad is much better now. We went to see him yesterday. I write more later but today I wanted to make a post of my favorite miss Finland: Lola Odusoga.

The day before yesterday I did read a magazine article of first miss universe: miss Finland, Armi Kuusela. I think most of women have heard of her sometimes. She have been very much blazed under these years. She’s elegant, yes! She’s stylish, yes! She’s good looking…

              but she’s not our most beautiful miss in all the timeWe have to remember that there was not so much competitors in 1952. There was competitors only from 30 countries and there was not (I think) for example any latinos or africans or any other exotic womans. 

                Many of those have so gorgeous bodys and long legs that we just can’t compete with them. In these days miss universe Armi wouldn’t place. It was so different then. 

If most women remember Armi Kuusela, I’m not sure is there so many who remember Lola Odusoga but in my mind she’s our most gorgeous miss. She did place at miss universe 1996 of third. After that she have hosted many programs and events. She’s one of our most successful miss ever and those are rare. Most of them you just forget right after her agency year. Just few of them we will remember and will make a huge career like one of our very famous miss, maybe most famous (the first runner up, and miss Europe): Riitta Väisänen. She was even more successful than Lola. She married our big comedian: Spede and with his help Riitta got some little roles from Spede movies and she got her own entertaiment program ”Kymppitonni” which was very popular for years and years.

Our success in miss universe is pretty much like in eurovision but we have however two wins (and Lola’s third place). Anyway, I just wanted to say that Lola is my favorite. She’s just so gorgeous and also very sympathetic! There will be never another Lola!

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  1. Great post. When we lived in Finland, we lived right across the hall from Jonna Ziprus, Miss Finland 1998. We didn’t know it until a local friend told us who she was. That was after I had just read ”How to Marry a Finnish Woman” – a super funny book. In the book, the author made the statement that Finns love famous people. It’s likely that there is someone famous in your building right now.” When we learned about Ms. Ziprus, we all had a good laugh thanks to the book.


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