This is document video of Riitta Väisänen and her famous tv-quiz: ”Kymppitonni” (ten grand) (In finnish only).

I hope you don’t think now I’m a miss competition fan. It’s not that (not after youngster years) but I wanted to write this post cause this woman deserved an own post. I just wrote about that how some miss you will remember always while others you will forget right away. Riitta is the one who people do remember (still over 40 years after her crowning). She’s (maybe) the most famous miss in Finland and she’s the person who everyone loves. You can’t be not likeing her. That’s very important thing: the personality. The look is helping but it’s not everything at all. Her person is just right: genuine and sympathetic and by genuine I mean that she really is what she is. She doesn’t even have any education or class to tv-job cause her man (famous finnish comedian: Spede Pasanen) noticed that she’s great just the way she is. In his mind Riitta didn’t need any education (even she would like to have it). Spede was right. Riitta was so cute being amateur (that was surely the reason she was so loved). The education would have been spoiled it. She was one of the first naturally speakers who didn’t follow any formal schema. (For example all this Riitta is telling in that linked document video). 

Picture crosswords quiz 1985. (I was 4-5 years). That program I don’t remember. It did run only about a year in tv. 


Her most popular tv-quiz ”Kymppitonni” was playful competition where the idea was to guess the right word for the tips which every competitor made on her turn. The money competitors got went to the charity firm with their choice. I loved that quiz younger. It was fun to be guessing these words by yourselves (and not to look the right answers). 

Riitta Väisänen in one of Spede Company’s ”Uuno” movies. (Don’t remember which one of those this is). If you want to know more these movies read my earlier post: ”Pertti ”Spede” Pasanen in memoriam”. The link didn’t work but you can find it in file: syyskuu 2016 (September 2016).


Riitta haven’t been working for tv for a while. In one program where she was interviewed she said she haven’t got tv- job cause she’s too old (62). That is typical these days. When you get older you don’t pass anymore anywhere. That topic have been in media much lately. For example our big tv- channel YLE did fired many their older, long career made worker. That’s so wrong! They shouldn’t do like this! If you can do your job and the audience loves you then you should keep your work despite your age, right! Not everyone in tv have to be young! We all get older but if you are healthy you are atleast as good as younger maybe even better cause you have experience more! That’s the thing! 

Miss Finland 1976 clip.


I would take ”Kymppitonni” back or maybe they could discover some new entertainment program for Riitta if thats too worn out!

Have a nice week!



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