This cutie was at our yard one day. I’m happy I got the picture of it before it run away!

These two squirrels I saw ower a year ago when I was on my way to gymstick class. Aren’t those cute too?

I was interrupted today at the shopping centre when I was makeing a call to my man. Some boy where makeing something and asked if he could cheer me up. I just walked away and said: ”I have to call.” Then after I did walk over I realised what should I say. I could say: ”do you really wanna cheer me up? Then give me 2000€ (or give me atleast 200€) That will cheer me up.” It would be so funny.

I really hate that they’re always everywhere marketing something these days. I hate that they have to make us always by something. It’s not helping that they try to be so nice. Do I know you? No. Are you my friend? No. Why do you try to be nice. I know what you want. You want me to put my (last) money for your some stupid thing. You want only my money…but I know what I need and I don’t have any extra money so this is annoying. Let people just be sometimes! 

Esplanad park.

Speaking of friends I saw my friend accidentally at grocery store today. Nice surprise! Yesterday we were together at Esplanad park eating ice cream and today we collided again. What a coincidence!

There below is a funny and useful test if you want to know are you blogging addict. I’m surprisingly not…but I do have seasons when I’m more addicted. Luckily not all the time.

Still one thing for you…



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