Jippu-Old beautiful man

”Jippu” (Meri-Tuuli Elorinne) is one of my favorite, finnish singers who’s mom is our family friend. Also I have known her step father. Two first albums of ”Jippu” did sell gold. The third album which she made together with other singer did sell platinum.

I wanted to share this touching article made of radio program where”Jippu” is interviewing her mother. 

”Jippu” had tough youth. His biological father is famous opera singer. Her parents divorced when she was six years old. Her relationship with her own father wasn’t easy like it wasn’t with her step father either. 


Lyrics in english below…

”Jippu” falled apart and was put to child caring institution when she was 15 and that came ful surprise for her mom. She heard that in the middle of her work day and started to cry. She went to meet ”Jippu” and bring flowers to her.  ”Jippu” didn’t understand why her mother left her there and why she couldn’t go home with her. Later she understood it was good for her. 

They had very long split with her mom. They didn’t see each other for years. Then when ”Jippu” was expecting her own child, she realised the meaning of mother and daughter relationship. She wanted to see her mom, called her and drived instantly to mother’s place. They had very emotional meeting. Mother was at shock when they met. They both shed tears while remembering this.

Jippu-The town of angels

Lyrics in english below…

”I’m sorry I was gone for so long and hurted for so many!” ”Jippu” said later.

My eyes watered also when I did read this. I thought ”Jippu” hugging with her mother and I was so touched. I’m happy they finally found one other again! I hope the best for you both…or all three actually…including already 2-years old boy: Romeo! You are all in my thoughts…

Jippu-who made me this woman

Lyrics in english below…


The touching interview below.

Jipun ja äidin koskettava yhteishaastattelu – lastenkotiin joutuminen jätti jäljet


Yksi ajatus artikkelista “SINGER ”JIPPU” INTERVIEWS HER MOTHER


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