The view at Espoo.

I’m so happy now! I got a new job finally!
I have been looking for it for a while. As many of you knows the lady I took care for years did past away at januari and after that I have had just some tasks. At winter I got one, more regularly place but at spring he had to go to hospital and it ended. After that I have had only casual job.

My new place seems to be (very) good much better than the earlier (well, it doesn’t need much). It’s the same kind of care taking job. I had the interview last friday and it already went so well that I almost new I got that job. Also that employer was very nice, warm and casual. The questions were easy and at the end of the interview I got the chance to explain to my hobby (gymnasticks) which the employer seemd to be interested. She didn’t even take a look at my diplomas. She said she got so good impression of me! (Also I think she might have to horry but still).

Tiger shops window.

That employer called me yesterday and said she wanna hire me. I have the first visit at my first client at thursday. With me there will be two of that firms managers to teaching me. That’s really good! In the last firm they just sent an adres and you had to go there and get things done by yourselves. You didn’t know where you were going, I mean what kind of place. It’s not always easy. Like one time when I had to use a lifting apparatus and I haven’t used it before. Anyone hadn’t teach me. Well, the client tryed to brief me but it was still hard. I made it, finally but it took some time. This new firm have already told me things about my first client. Today I heard much information when I went to sign the employment contract. It sounded great so now I’m waiting eagerly the first meeting! 

1920’s Ford. We have ”a little bit” newer Ford.

My dad is better but he’s still at the hospital. He have broke his both shoulders (don’t ask me how) but obviously he have falled. He just don’t remember that like my mom either. (They both have memory problems.) He have now started learn to walk again after long period without walking (he’s moving with wheel chair).

Last time at hospital some woman thought we’re in the ship (cruising?) She asked us are we already in harbour? When no one answered she asked again: ”Could someone tell me where are we”. Then my brother said: ”At hospital”. She didn’t say anything for a while but then she was wondering why the elevators are locked. (The reason is that no one can’t escape). Well, then after a while ago, she said: ”I go to deck, then let’s see what we can do”. Yes, right…

So, this was my news to you this time! 

Have a great week!

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