There it finally is, the list of my favorite love songs. There is also the scenes of my favorite movies with great love songs. Hope you enjoy as much as I do! 

(I translated a part of the lyrics to those finnish songs where I didn’t find a translation in net.)


Rakkaus (Love)

Chorus: ”All It will cover, all it will trust, all it will hope, all it will suffering. Love will never disappear. 

Love only love will stay.”

Armaan läheisyys (Beside you) 

”I’m thinking of you when in shining of the day I see the lake

I’m thinking of you when shadows of the moon is shining on fountain. 

I see you when the dust is riseing on the way, I still see you, when wanderer is walking there to the darkest night.

I’m listening you when waves are rushing to the cradle of strand. I stay to listening your voice when I quiet at grove.

I am with you even then you’re far away, close you stay.

The day is setting, soon will stars ignite, stay next to me.”älä-mene-pois-dont-go-away.html

Ensi katse kertoi sen (First Look)

(First) Chorus: ”From the first look I already knew this will not stay at halfway. I found a man. We enjoyed, we got excited, far away it reached us.

From the first look I already knew you are different man, woman will know it, when I danced with you to the sky from the stars.”

Ruusun oksa ja kyyhkynen (The Rose branch and Pigeon)

Chorus: ”Rose branch and pigeon, you have been the song of my soul, flare of my heart, like the burning painting of love.

Rose branch and pigeon, same time my tear drop and laughter, carbon of emotions and glow of becoming days.”

Hurmio (The Ecstasy)

Chorus: ”I think we will fly to stars again when I take us to ecstasy.

This way leads us to happy joyfull place if you just don’t be afraid.

The lonely times will be gone now when I can be finally with you.

And so we are led to romance now by beautiful way and take us to ecstasy.”änlupaus/translation/english/amp (The english translation is under the finnish ones).

(you’ll find the video under that lyric link.)

J.Karjalainen-Ankkurinappi/Anchor button (video under lyric link)


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