This is what happened at saturday evening at Helsinki (metropolitan area).

We didn’t got the ”Lucifer” heatwave here but we got the thunderstorm what was result of that European heatwave. Around Finland the storm did fallen trees (many of those fall on cars) and cut powers in many many houses. In Helsinki, among other things, it broke part of glasses of ”Sanomatalo” house on the city (on the first video) and at ”Iso Omena” (Big Apple) shopping centre, Espoo city, water came in (on the first video). Also the ”Slow festival” at Helsinki did break for a while because of that thunder.

In the part of Helsinki where we live it wasn’t so bad but some time in the evening there where lightning and thundering (all the time). The rain wasn’t too bad and it was over real quickly. Neither wind I didn’t feel when I went to grocery store. I was little bit scared of but I had to go there. Luckily it wasn’t as bad anymore when I left. Although I did read news with my phone on my way to the grocery store and there they did say people should stay/go inside. ”Nice” I was thinking. Well, I chose the shop according to the road there. I didn’t have to be long time outside and there is buildnings too (which gives shelter). I didn’t want to go that cheaper shop like I was planned to cause from there you have to walk through the open area.

These three pictures I took today on the way to my parents. These are taken near of their house. You can see that the storm where hard there. The bushes were quite suffered.

At countryside that would be more scary. I remember some times when we have been at our summer cottage and it came a thunder. We’ve been really scared with my mom, even my dad always said thunder doesn’t usually comes right up there it rather go round that house. Still everytime it was any harder it felt real bad!

Luckily anything ever happend! Even that old tree near the house have been saved from the thunders. If it have been hit by thunder it could have fell on the house.

Have a good new week!

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