I was gonna write this important topic already on saturday, but I just haven’t the energy to write. So I write now, maybe a little bit late but as they say: ”better late than never”.

There have been again new terrorist attacks in Europe. These news really intimidate and frighten me! Now right after Spain, Finland got also the first attack, (stabbing attack, where two died and eight wounded.) Any of European countrys aren’t save anymore, even Finland. We will got more attacks around Europe, that’s for sure and thats what I’m afraid of! When will they come to Helsinki. Who knows. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week.

Everything is changed. I used to enjoy to walk in Helsinki streets, even in the silence of night. That was relaxing! I also often walked home from the bar at weekends when I was living at Helsinki city. (about 15-20 min.walk). I don’t feel save there anymore. 

My biggest sympathy goes to the families of victims in Spain and in Turku! Turku, our charming former capital, you are specially in my mind!

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