My family friends brothers lovely house! I would also love to have own house with own garden and own sauna like they have!

At sunday I was at work…at birthday party. Yes, you did read right! It really was my work day at birthdays. I was there for my paralyzed family friend at her brothers birthdayparty, (in his family home, near Porvoo town). I’m this girls new care taker. 

It was just perfect, warm and mostly sunny day. Most of guests I had met before and they were all warm and easy to talk with (those too who I wasn’t met)! 

Delicious salad!

Delicious raspberry-strawberry cake with real fresh berries! This was so yammy!

We were eating at family’s lovely garden (different kinds of delicious food; salmon, chicken, halloumi and salads). Then when we had drink our desert coffees and ate very delicious berry cake, the sun went (suitably) away. It had gave us our party dinner moment. So we moved inside. Perfectly timing!

That was lovely day!

Birthday family’s cute cat! That’s what I also would love to have but my man wouldn’t take a cat.

Beautiful flowers at garden!

By the way, this job was ment to be my side job but the job which should be my main job ended already. (Or not totally ended I am still their worker but) the lady I were hired to take care was sent to the hospital after few days. Again I hadn’t job. Or practically I had a job but I hadn’t any tasks to do. Quite ironic, right! They said they’ll get me a new place but they hadn’t still call me. So it was great I got even this job! So now I have something. Working hours are only about 10-15 per week but it’s better than nothing! Now I’m looking for a new main job.

 These following pictures are all taken at birthday party in the garden. Beautiful views and beautiful flowers!

Still one song at the end of this post. Do you remember this? This one suites here quite perfectly!

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