FRUSTRATION (About job searching)

Watch this very touching clip! Hope this one is working!


This is much harder than I thought. I mean to find that other –main- care taking job (personal assistant), added to this current side (care taker) job (which I now do to my family friend as I told you). I have been searching and searching (mainly city employment-to private person). I just don’t get anything even I’m very experienced. I have made this job over 10 years. I have had many kind of customers. I can handle wheelchair. I can cook basic homefood. I’m good listener. I feel like I would have so much to give someone. 

Well, partly I haven’t found anything because of the time tables (don’t mach) or they do have too little working hours or some of them (men) is looking for a male care taker or something like that but I also have sent some applications. 


I haven’t usually even got to interview (except via that firm where I worked a short time but that lady who’s care taker I was, was sent to the hospital). Once when I did got to interview, that man who were seeking care taker (or he should have) he actually were (also) seeking a lover. I felt really uncomfortable after he admitted that. He was older man, what was he thinking. If he’s looking for a lover he’s looking from a wrong way. Of course that job I could get if I would want it but I definately didn’t. 

The last case was also ”interesting”. We did make an agreement for interview to upcoming Tuesday. I suggested a time to see with e-mail (we didn’t agreed it at phone. I wanted to make sure the right time). He didn’t answer me at all!! Ok, I got it, he got someone already (I know he had many interviews on that week we speaked). Why didn’t he just tell me. ”I’m sorry, I got someone already”. He could easily send a message and say that and he should do that but he didn’t. 

Then before that last boy I called to one lady who was talking to another conversation so the line was taken. I sent a message to her and said I was interested of the job she offered. She didn’t call me back and neither answered to my message. I guess she have also got someone (probably that one with who she was speaking when I called her). Again, she could answer something to me or is it too much to ask to respect atleast that much someone who’s interested to work to you that you answer something.

Also I’m confused that I haven’t got any answers to my job application e-mails I sent (except that last boy who didn’t confirm the interview time.) I’m starting to think that I do something wrong but I don’t know what could it be. I personally think I write well so it can’t be that. 


Anyway, that’s my life. I always ”got the bone” like it’s said (atleast in Finland). (=Not very good luck). Sometimes I feel like Miranda at Sex and the City, when she said: ”Hello, am I invisible”. I’m so tired of being ”invisible”. I can’t take it anymore… I don’t know, maybe I got my first long-term care taker place too easily. It made me believe that I can get new place as easily (especially now when I have so long experience.) Maybe this was lesson to me. Don’t assume anything or take anything for granted! I definately don’t anymore! That’s for sure!

That song below have great lyrics. This came in to my mind yesterday when I was memorizing ”A” (lady I took care in long term and died last winter). As some of you might know she was not only my employer but also my friend and I miss all the fun things we did together. That song reminds of her. It’s really beautiful and touching!


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