I CAN FLY AGAIN (can you?)

Yes, right I did fly again for long time ago…in my lucid dream the night before last. 

I remember I suddenly put in the middle of the dream some bar through wall (don’t ask me why). Then I started to think could I be in dream. First I hesitated and thought that ”No, I don’t think this is dream” (cause it felt real like you usually feel in dream). Then I realized that it must be dream or I couldn’t put that bar through the wall. I was super excited! The adrenaline flew fast! I knew I could do something special. As usual in my lucid dreams I decided to fly. The place (now) seemed to be my parents house (my childhood home). 

I decided to jump up at terrace (sixth floor) and fly. I was a little bit scared cause I still wasn’t 100% sure am I at sleep. Everything was looking so real. The view, the sky, the balcony, everything. I was praying in my mind to not fall down and die. I thought that it’s ”now or never”. I must have somehow new that I can’t be wrong…and then I jumped. I rised up and flyed. It felt great! I remember how I admired the sky when I flew. I felt so free! At some point I was flying at England and watched the city lights. Some point there came also water under me, like there been some big lake. I flyed to water and swimmed a while.

That was a long lucid dream. Those often ends quickly but this didn’t even though I did scare of that. I was happy to get a lucid dream for long time ago. I was so waited for those. Finally I got it.

Those who haven’t saw well controlled (high-class) lucid dreams doesn’t sadly know how euphoric it is. So you might be wondering why I’m blazing this. The good news is that you can train your selves to see those. The most important things is:

  • simply just be present in your life and live in the moment what ever you do. This makes you more consciousness which will increase that same ability when you’re dreaming. 
  • Make reality tests
  • Discover what you gonna do at your lucid dream and make the decision to see lucid

You can read more for example at Wikipedia.


I saw also another interesting dream one night. There I was again at my parents house. I was gonna stay there over night and sleep at balcony. Then when I watched at balcony I saw someone there even there shouldn’t be anyone. I knew my dad was at alcove under the balcony but I soon realized that man at balcony was also my dad. So my dad was at two place at the same time. That was weard! My mom came to look also and she saw the same thing: two daddy. (My dad was already at livingroom in front of us). I was confused but not really scared. It could have been a nightmare but it wasn’t. I just felt really weard and was wondering how could this be possible. 

What a funny dream. Dreams can be amazing. I love the dreamworld! It’s so own world! Soon it’s the bed time again and I hope I’ll see lucid dream again this night. Probably not but let’s hope the best! 

What kind of dreams have been you’re weirdest or best dreams? Have you ever seen (controlled) lucid dreams? Tell me at comments!

3 ajatusta artikkelista “I CAN FLY AGAIN (can you?)

  1. Congratulations!
    I have flown many times in lucid dreams and it is always a beautiful experience.
    You can follow my lucid adventures at my blog Dreamstasia.


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