For the honor of 100 hundred year Finland, (I have made and) will make some more posts of Finnish notable people. This time I gonna make a post of one finnish legend: ”Kirka” (1950-2007). He was very talented singer! He’s voice was awesome (very national) and he was also versatile singer! 

Kirka started as a vocalist at 60’s and became very popular. In autumn 1967 was recorded his breakthrough hit: ”Hetki lyö” which was a translation of The McCoys band song: ”Beat the Clock”.

In 1984 Kirka did take a part to Eurovision song contest with the song: ”Hengaillaan” (let’s hang around) and did place 9th. In 1988 Kirka won Finnish classical song contest: ”Syksyn sävel” (autumn melody) with the song: ”Surun pyyhit silmistäni” (Sadness in your eyes). That became very big hit! The album with the same name is all time 3th sold album in Finland (over 214 000 piece).

Four of Kirka’s siblings were also musicians. One of siblings did drown at the age of two. Also other of siblings (brother ”Sammy” (1948-1973) dyed very young at car accident). Sister ”Muska” (1952) have succeeded as a singer quite well. She also have great, rough voice like her brother Kirka. I specially like her one song named: ”Jari ja Mari” (Jari and Mari).

In 2007 Kirka was going to take part to the Finnish version of the tv-show ”Dancing with the stars” but the destiny decided it other way. Kirka got an heart attack and passed away 10 years ago, 31.1.2007. but he still lives in our heart and he always will!

(Reference: Wikipedia)

”Kahden Hullun Matka” (The journey of two Fools)


”Ota Lähellesi” (Take me close to you).


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