Did you know that singer-song writer: Lee Hazlewood (who made songs for example to Nancyn Sisarta) did record with -earlier years popular- finnish singer: Anna Hanski? I guess not. I didn’t either before I while a go saw one interview of Anna where she told the story behind that collaboration. 

It’s an an interesting story. Anna made at 90’s finnish version of the song: ”Summer wine”(”Kotiviin”) and that’s the reason they met. Lee realized he got royalty from Finland from some unknown girl. He called famous finnish show business expert ”Pertsa” Reponen and asked about Anna. After that conversation Lee wanted to meet Anna and the result of the cooperation was the record included their duetto of the song: ”Summer Wine”. (Originale version  was performed by Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra.) Anna and Lee became friends but Anna said that when she met Nancy Sinatra she was acting quite arrogant to Anna. Maybe she was jealous…or just typical diva. Lee fell in love to Finland and enjoyed his time there. 

Anna also told that some time later Anna went to Spain to could meet Lee once again. She did heard that Lee is there but he wasn’t anymore when Anna came there. Anna left a note to him. Later Anna heard Lee was dead and so they didn’t have a chance to meet again. Remembering that all made Anna very touched in that interview.

I think Anna sounds great on that record. Her voice is very good. She definitely plays not the second fiddle compared to Nancy! Good job! Like Anna said the record is really under rated. I think not very many even knows about that record like I didn’t before that interview.


Yksi ajatus artikkelista “ANNA HANSKI & LEE HAZLEWOOD


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