I met my old -half spanish- ”classmate” at market last week. Let’s call her ”Linda”. She was there with her little boy. I herd Linda have also girl but she was not there. The meeting was quite awkward cause it related in my mind much bad memories from the school.

”Linda” wasn’t the nicest friend. She did sometimes bully me and she also used me financially. When my parents realized that the money they gave to me, were very much used by ”Linda” also, my mom called one day her dad. Her dad only said that we have to understand cause they are so poor. That he don’t have money to give ”Linda”. My mom became very angry. It’s not the reason to take someone’s money. I understand that my parents didn’t want to sustain someone else’s child. They wanted to help me not every other children. 


Don’t get me wrong my mom have been very helpful and fair, specially to her friends but that’s wrong behavior to use always someone else’s money. ”Linda” asked the money from me always when we were together, which means very often. I was so kind I gave the money. For example once I paid her wristband at Linnanmäki amusement park (with that you can go to apparatuses as much as you like). I was way too kind and she used it. My parents really aren’t that rich. Yes, they made a living when they still worked but it doesn’t mean they have had too much excessive to distribute others. 

Now ”Linda” acted like nothing ever happened. She wasn’t sorry, (didn’t even looked like she would be). She just smiled that same smile like when we were children and told me she have been thinking what am I doing these days. Well, if I’m honest, I don’t care what is she doing. I only wish she doesn’t teach this same behavior to her children!


I didn’t find the best (original?) version of that song: ”Bullet Proof” by Radiohead, where was a great video also. I’m sorry, but I put here some ok version what I found. It’s so beautiful and ethereal song!


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