Hard to believe it’s fall already, but if you look around you, you’ll see it!


At wednesday I did read news that finnish radio legend: ”Esko Riihelä” have passed away. It’s always the same thing when someone dies. First it stops you and leaves you with emptyness. Then you start to think about time. The past time, the time that person was still alive. You start to think what was your life like back then. You think what that person who’s now gone did give to you. What did he or she ment to you. What kind of memories he or she gave to you. You think about all that and usually it eventually leads me to think how much time do I still have. Luckily I don’t know that, like anybody doesn’t…

Esko Riihelä was a great voiced radio reporter who was best known of radio program: ”Liikenne radio” (traffic radio) which he hosted years 1969-2003. I listened that program sometimes with my parents. His voice is strongly connected to my childhood and early adult years. Now when that time period have ended I realized (once again) how far away my childhood really is and how many years have passed by. 

I connect Esko to happy childhood days. I connect him to sunny summerdays. Don’t ask me why. I just see always summer and sun when I think his voice. I see some hot day at summer cottage somewhere 80’s or 90’s when radio was on and our family were together…oh, so happy days…Those days are gone forever… and so are Esko Riihelä too but he will always be remarkable man in my lovely childhood memories. Rest in peace, Esko!


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  1. You are so When someone well known passes, we think and notice how much time has passed for us. It makes us think about mortality much more, that day, or week. Songs from bygone times really bring back memories for me, much like you remembered the summer cottage days when you heard his voice.
    I love the photo of your toadstool? The red one! Unknown here, so I am a bit fascinated with them. I have never seen one in the flesh! Are they flourishing only in Autumn?


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