After my last post I started to think about that I have my own experience about honesty of people in Helsinki. Usually when I have lost something, I got it back!

Like last winter when I bought a new phone. When I went home from that shop I was so stupid I put it on the bench in metro (in it’s tiny plastic back). I had also (big) grocery store backs with me. Those I took when I left but ofcourse I didn’t remember that little phone back. I forgot it there, went home and then realised that I had left this back. I was panicking and was sure that someone take it and I never get it back! I was so surprised when I got the phone call where some man were talking with poor finnish. At first I didn’t understand him but very soon I realised what was it about. He was found my phone (my phone number was in that cell phone plan contract). I was so happy! He came to see me (near my home) and I got my phone back. I gave him a little reward, I was so grateful!

Also I remember one time years ago when I left my purse at ”Suomen linna” ferry. I was there with my good friend and when we left the ferry and walked a little while I realised I didn’t had my purse with me. Inside it I had my keys, my ID card, my wallet, everything. I think it was my first time, I was panicking really badly (unless we don’t count any presentations at school or my first dates…). I really almost fully came down. I cried also a little and I don’t ever cry publicly. I made an announcement of my purse in info. Then we waited the ferry come back and there it was. Pilot of that ferry was took my purse safe. I got it from him. Again I was happy! 

There is also some other situations when I lost Something and got it back! Some more little things but still…Anyway not always I have got my things back. I have lost gloves, scarfs and a beanie which I never got back. I guess those are things which people don’t valuable so much they wanted to make the work to take those to lost and found if they find one in metro or in tram or something…They don’t think those are so important things. Well, once I lost a backpack which was a brand (and was full of some things, don’t remember what). Anyway, I guess I can still say that people in Helsinki are (mostly) honest!


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  1. You were so lucky getting that phone back! People can be very kind in Finland. I was once in Japan and my daughter, then just very young, lost her scarf when walking down to the city. On our return much later in the day, we found her scarf on a park bench, as we walked past. It was folded up ever so neatly, waiting there for its owner to come and reclaim it. So lovely! Small kindnesses like this, really warm the heart!


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