Helsinki have been planned extension to metro to the west (Espoo) for years (beginning since 160’s). We finally reached to start the west metro building in 2010. Now after many delays it’s almost ready, but just almost. I’m starting to believe that this project will be never completely ready! 

They are driving test drives now and always there comes some problems which will delay the starting to passenger traffic. How can it be that for example some time ago the problem was metro doors which didn’t close perfectly. How much job it needs to get that done. Doesn’t sound very demanding work. Well, maybe they have so cheap materials that those don’t work.

I have dreamed (for a while) that I could easily seek job also at Espoo. (We have a car but I don’t like to drive and it’s for my man mainly). So many times I have thought that soon I could well work (somewhere) at Espoo. There is quite much placies available which could be good for me. Then every time I think now the traffic will start, every time there comes something. It happened several times really. 

First the west metro should have been ready at 2014-2015 then 2016 then at the beginning of the 2017 and then this autumn when it should be so sure it really is starting (like August-September). Now I don’t believe anymore what they say.

I really do wish we will have the west metro before I’m retired! (Don’t know about the second period -extension line to Kivenlahti-. That probably don’t get ready even then.)


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