For long time ago I will write a dance post…

Yesterday we had very fun at gymnastic class. We begun our class with burlesque. The teacher was one of us, girl who (obviously) have been training that dance style. It was ”quite” different than our own training usually is but it was totally refreshing. (Some movements of hands were familiar from our own class). It was also technically more easier than flow gymnastics and very very feminine which is what I love. 

The point what we were really training with that burlesque was the expression. It do help a lot! I really enjoyed that! (Luckily we got to keep our clothes on! Well, we were just with girls anyway…but I’m happy we’re not gonna perform this anywhere with furbelows burlesque dancers use. That would be too much for me!)

I didn’t realise burlesque (at it’s best) is actually hard work! If you work your body at maximum and make floor movements (like some kind of pushup movements), it really is!

There you have clips for example from the movie: ”Burlesque” which I love and which was the music we used at our class. The music is great! Lovely cabare style with spinning sound! Also Christina Aguilera is great! That’s the way to do it, with attitude, elegance and with glamorous! Like a diva!

So let’s burlesque girls! I think this can help also if you have self-esteem problems. Let your selves be diva for a while!

In the end some basic movements so that you can learn it if you want.



The night before yesterday I saw a dream that ”A” was at home again. She sut at her wheel chair and was like she was a little bit before she totally lost her memory and understanding ability, before she didn’t do much more than just sleep. 

At first I didn’t think about it but then suddenly I realised that she should be dead and started wonder how can she sit there.

I talked about that to her son who was trying to explain this to me. I said that we were her funeral but he still didn’t think it’s anything weird. I started to believe that this woman is actually not ”A”. I thought she’s someone else, just same looking woman but then again I didn’t know what to think. 

Anyway, her son wanted me to continue to taking care of this woman and so I did. I tried to forget about my suspiciousnes even I was so confused. I felt like I made an time travel from few years back! 


Well, maybe this dream came because I’ve been missing ”A” lately. Now when I have time to think everything, (cause I don’t work so regularly), I have look back all of our funny moments and everything we got through. We experienced so much together…


By the way, my bad luck at job searching still continues. I found a nice seeming job but surprise surprise…that woman did already promise the job either one of two people she did interview. Is there more unemployed or what? Earlier I got all care taking jobs right away. These days it seems like there’s more competition.

Take care and have a nice weekend!


Just when I was totally lost my believe to west metro and thought it will not start in this year anyway, it actually did! It did start today (saturday) in the morning! 

Everybody went totally ”crazy” at the opening (as you can see in my videos). The mood was like in some big happening or like in carnival or something. This little metropoli was for a while like some South-European country or maybe some African country. So lively, noisy and full of people. (Normally we are so quiet at public as you probably already knew.) We are teached to be like that from our childhood. Mom and dad always told us that we should be quiet so that we don’t disturb anyone. 

Anyway…finally it’s true! I can go to Espoo with metro from Helsinki. Now let’s see how long will the second period take where they build five stations more. I wonder if it’s ready in right time.

From this it did start in 2009…

…and here we are now.

The opening of west metro.

I like the design of these new metro stations. Here below you can see few examples.

”Niittykumpu” station.

”Urheilupuisto” station. This is my favourite!

”Tapiola” station.

(Added 21.11.) I realised that Finland was at the west metro opening like in 1995 when we won our first gold medal at hockey mm-tour. It was quite same mood! So should I say that finnish people get joy of hockey and metro…😉


This is good cider and the can is so beautiful I think.

We are back to normal autumn
(as you can see some of those pictures.) Snowy winter lasted only few days and then melted away… 

My bad luck with job searching still continues. At Monday I should have an interview to the home help service company which makes home cleaning and some other home help services. That company is ranked as best home help service company 2017 and they have quite good wage. That’s why I made an apply there. So I should have an interview there but I was too late, only because I was searching that place and didn’t find it. I left early but the place was just so hard to find. There was a big site also which made even harder to find the right way but I had a route guide map to help me. Still I didn’t find the right way. When I was trying to follow the map guide, it seemed I’m always going the wrong way. Finally I got there (my very own way). At the door (I was wondering what number to push), I called to some worker of the company who said they’re not there anymore. So I realised they leave after four. (I had my time at four). I didn’t realise it earlier that they end they’re day at four (if there’s not interviews or something). So they weren’t there and I had no choice than just go back. 

What I was wondering, was that I heard any of them who were called to interview at the same time, didn’t came there and I was the only one who even called back. Very weard! Well, we made an agreement to make a new appointment later (which I still haven’t got). Maybe I should call there back at monday! 

This is my life. It seems to be always something wrong, and some weard things happening but I think I got used to it quite well already! 

Have a good weekend all!

This cute gorilla were at pharmacy (at Vuosaari). Isn’t it lovely?

That’s my big tea at Sokos coffee house (they’re normal tea.) This I ordered when I met my good friend there last month. It was long time ago we did met and we did have so much to talk about!

Beautiful Guzmania flowers at Helsinki city flower shop.

Christmas lights have come on windows again.

Great wine of Chile which I bought yesterday…the little pleasures off life!


A little bit over week ago We shared ”DejaVu”-experience with my man. It was actually more than just ”DejaVu”. The whole day was familiar…but that’s not new to me. I have had also earlier that kind of experiences and many many strong ”DejaVu” in big things like I told you before in my finnish post. Those are much more than just one moment. So, I have got used to these feelings. I can have sometimes familiar day…but really interesting thing is that my spouse felt that too, when I told him the day was familiar to mee. He instantly said he feels it too. He realised that after I said it.

Ok, so I’ll tell you what the day was like…We were gonna go to switch winter tires to our car but we slept too late and couldn’t go there anymore. Luckily we got booked appointment to the next day. Then in the evening we should have to change our car to hall where we did got a new place. (We have had earlier place at outside.) We were so happy that our car can be safely in inside specially at winter which is so hard in Finland. You don’t have to shovel snow ever again and also no one could steel it. When we did drive to the hall and finally after long searching did find the right place, we saw that there was someone’s car. So we couldn’t leave our car there. It was some old car which haven’t clearly been in use for long time ago cause the one tire was blown out and there was a dust on the car. Later on that day I realised this episode specially was very familiar. (By the way we have now new place at hall. Got that yesterday).

Anyway, this is not all. I felt my first high school familiar (and also even some people there). I feel my home familiar (like my spouse) and the last home maybe even more than this present home. When I got there I strongly felt that I’m not the first time there and that my spouse felt too…

I think I maybe could start to believe that the time cycle is real. You know, the theory that time goes at cycles, so the same time period goes on again and again which means we always birth again to the same life and experience the same things. Sounds weard, or what? Yes, it does, but I think it kind of makes sense. Between these rebirth I think we rest a while at heaven’s kingdom before we come back. 

I hope this doesn’t sound too weard for you and that you don’t think this is not normal or that I’m making this in my mind. I don’t imagine this. This is real for me but I know for those who haven’t experienced this, it’s surely hard to believe. Luckily This is not everyday life. I don’t always feel these kind of things, just sometimes and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. No one just talks about this. So I really want to hear if someone else have been experienced same kind of things? It would be interesting to switch thoughts!

(By the way, that song is one of my favorites! It’s very touching! This is how I feel sometimes when we argue with my spouse and he’s accusing me of something.)

Have a great weekend!


Here’s the best songs (or atleast most of those) from ”Vain elämää” all seasons. (English lyrics below videos (except some of those where I didn’t find the lyrics.))

Season 1

Original: Katri Helena. This is an old classic. Cheek updated it to this day.

Original: Jonne Aaron

Original: Kaija Koo


Season 2

Original: band-”Kolmas nainen” (the third lady), solist, musician, songwriter: Pauli Hanhiniemi.


Original: Anna Abreu

Original: Laura Närhi


Original: Maarit Hurmerinta

Season 3

Original: Samuli Edelman

Original: Apulanta


Original: Vesa-Matti Loiri

Original: Jenni Vartiainen


Season 4

Original: Pave Maijanen


Original: Sanni


Season 5

Original: Lauri Tähkä


Original: Mikael Gabriel


Season 6

Original: Laura Voutilainen

Original: Irina


Original: Robin


”VAIN ELÄMÄÄ” Video Links

My last videos didn’t work. (Thanks for Cindy Knoke I realised that.) Those seemed to be working at first so I didn’t know those don’t anymore. Anyway, here is my new links (some extras too). These are from net tv and should be working! By the way, under every song link there is a link for english translation (except those songs where I didn’t find the lyrics). Enjoy!



(Original: Juha Tapio)


”Don’t go away”

(Original: Juha Tapio)



(Original: Cheek (= Jare Tiihonen))


”Under you”

(Original: Apulanta (band), the band solist: Tony Wirtanen, so this song was performed at his day)



(Original: Apulanta (-solist: Tony Wirtanen))

Next five videos are from encore day where every singer perform a song which they love. 


Have I Told You Lately.

(Original: Van Morrison)

In my mind this is better than the original, like rapper Cheek also said. There is more sound!


Against all odds.

(Original: Phil Collins)


Brazen (Weep).

(Original: Skunk Anansie)


”Evacuees song”

(Original: Anneli Saaristo)


Pariisin Kevät – Tämän kylän poikii lyrics + English translation 

(Original: Pariisin Kevät (=The spring of Paris)



”Sinun Vuorosi Loistaa” (You’r turn to shine) -song translation on the bottom of the page.

(Original: Juha Tapio)



(Original: Juha Tapio)



(Original: Apulanta (-solist: Tony Wirtanen))



(Original: Jari Sillanpää)


This song: (Evacuees song) is very touching song about Finland’s continuation War and those evacuees of Karelian after loosing it. It came my mind my grandpa who lost his childhood home at Vyborg (and his parents also). Their home were totally destructed.


Pariisin Kevät – Tämän kylän poikii lyrics + English translation 

This version was surprising. It’s very different than the original version. Sanni wanted Apocalyptica to play this song. What a super great idea! This is an art peace (though I like the original too). Touching song!


Vain elämää is one of my favorite programs. If you don’t know the idea, I’ll tell you. This program is originally from Netherlands and it’s also shown in Sweden (where it came here), Norway, Danish and in Estonian


There is a group of popular finnish singers in every season (about 7). They spend 8 days in ”Satulinna” (fairy tale castle) at beautiful area called ”Hirvensalmi” (except at season 6 wegen they where at Spain.) There they perform the songs of each other. Every day is possessed one of them when that one who’s day it is, is telling his/her story. They gather together at lunch and later at dinner. Everybody choose one of her/his songs to perform on her/his own way. (First part is performing at lunch and second part at dinner.) Between the lunch and the dinner they do something together, something which is decided by person who’s day it is. It’s lovely to watch how they get to know to each other and get closer, share emotions, thoughts, music, everything…and those song versions are usually great!

In this season participants where: pop singer Juha Tapio, pop/rock singer Kaija Koo, pop singer Sanni, tango King 1995: Jari Sillanpää, rap-artist: Cheek, ”art pop” singer: Jenni Vartiainen, punk artist: Toni Virtanen.

This is also quite different version compared to the original Apulanta punk band’s version. I like this. It’s so like Kaija Koo’s own song…but I like the original too. Both are great!


Again very different version than the original (Apulanta band’s version). This is very sophisticated and elegant version!

That’s beautiful too!



I’m confused how great performs all singers in all season’s could do even big part of them have said how they panic those performs. (Someone even said that shed been shaking). I can’t understand how is it possible to perform with strong panic. I so respect and also envy them because of that talent. I couldn’t do that. I have sometimes performed at karaoke bar but as I grew older it always needed some drinks before I could do that and there were no tv-cameras just ”few” drunken people at the bar. Still I have been nervous.

Kaija Koo even have been suffering very bad panic disorder and still she got her way back to stage. She said she thought she couldn’t come back and she was gonna stay retirement but here she is again. She seem to be so confident. I really respect her and love her music! (I do respect those all) but my special favorites in this season with Kaija where: Juha Tapio, Tony Wirtanen and our most successful tango King ever: Jari Sillanpää. He’s big, charismatic showman! By the way, he did once represent Finland at esc with the song: ”It Takes Two To Tango”. Maybe you do remember!

Have a nice week!