This song: (Evacuees song) is very touching song about Finland’s continuation War and those evacuees of Karelian after loosing it. It came my mind my grandpa who lost his childhood home at Vyborg (and his parents also). Their home were totally destructed.


Pariisin Kevät – Tämän kylän poikii lyrics + English translation 

This version was surprising. It’s very different than the original version. Sanni wanted Apocalyptica to play this song. What a super great idea! This is an art peace (though I like the original too). Touching song!


Vain elämää is one of my favorite programs. If you don’t know the idea, I’ll tell you. This program is originally from Netherlands and it’s also shown in Sweden (where it came here), Norway, Danish and in Estonian


There is a group of popular finnish singers in every season (about 7). They spend 8 days in ”Satulinna” (fairy tale castle) at beautiful area called ”Hirvensalmi” (except at season 6 wegen they where at Spain.) There they perform the songs of each other. Every day is possessed one of them when that one who’s day it is, is telling his/her story. They gather together at lunch and later at dinner. Everybody choose one of her/his songs to perform on her/his own way. (First part is performing at lunch and second part at dinner.) Between the lunch and the dinner they do something together, something which is decided by person who’s day it is. It’s lovely to watch how they get to know to each other and get closer, share emotions, thoughts, music, everything…and those song versions are usually great!

In this season participants where: pop singer Juha Tapio, pop/rock singer Kaija Koo, pop singer Sanni, tango King 1995: Jari Sillanpää, rap-artist: Cheek, ”art pop” singer: Jenni Vartiainen, punk artist: Toni Virtanen.

This is also quite different version compared to the original Apulanta punk band’s version. I like this. It’s so like Kaija Koo’s own song…but I like the original too. Both are great!


Again very different version than the original (Apulanta band’s version). This is very sophisticated and elegant version!

That’s beautiful too!



I’m confused how great performs all singers in all season’s could do even big part of them have said how they panic those performs. (Someone even said that shed been shaking). I can’t understand how is it possible to perform with strong panic. I so respect and also envy them because of that talent. I couldn’t do that. I have sometimes performed at karaoke bar but as I grew older it always needed some drinks before I could do that and there were no tv-cameras just ”few” drunken people at the bar. Still I have been nervous.

Kaija Koo even have been suffering very bad panic disorder and still she got her way back to stage. She said she thought she couldn’t come back and she was gonna stay retirement but here she is again. She seem to be so confident. I really respect her and love her music! (I do respect those all) but my special favorites in this season with Kaija where: Juha Tapio, Tony Wirtanen and our most successful tango King ever: Jari Sillanpää. He’s big, charismatic showman! By the way, he did once represent Finland at esc with the song: ”It Takes Two To Tango”. Maybe you do remember!

Have a nice week!

2 ajatusta artikkelista “”VAIN ELÄMÄÄ”/”ONLY LIFE”


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