A little bit over week ago We shared ”DejaVu”-experience with my man. It was actually more than just ”DejaVu”. The whole day was familiar…but that’s not new to me. I have had also earlier that kind of experiences and many many strong ”DejaVu” in big things like I told you before in my finnish post. Those are much more than just one moment. So, I have got used to these feelings. I can have sometimes familiar day…but really interesting thing is that my spouse felt that too, when I told him the day was familiar to mee. He instantly said he feels it too. He realised that after I said it.

Ok, so I’ll tell you what the day was like…We were gonna go to switch winter tires to our car but we slept too late and couldn’t go there anymore. Luckily we got booked appointment to the next day. Then in the evening we should have to change our car to hall where we did got a new place. (We have had earlier place at outside.) We were so happy that our car can be safely in inside specially at winter which is so hard in Finland. You don’t have to shovel snow ever again and also no one could steel it. When we did drive to the hall and finally after long searching did find the right place, we saw that there was someone’s car. So we couldn’t leave our car there. It was some old car which haven’t clearly been in use for long time ago cause the one tire was blown out and there was a dust on the car. Later on that day I realised this episode specially was very familiar. (By the way we have now new place at hall. Got that yesterday).

Anyway, this is not all. I felt my first high school familiar (and also even some people there). I feel my home familiar (like my spouse) and the last home maybe even more than this present home. When I got there I strongly felt that I’m not the first time there and that my spouse felt too…

I think I maybe could start to believe that the time cycle is real. You know, the theory that time goes at cycles, so the same time period goes on again and again which means we always birth again to the same life and experience the same things. Sounds weard, or what? Yes, it does, but I think it kind of makes sense. Between these rebirth I think we rest a while at heaven’s kingdom before we come back. 

I hope this doesn’t sound too weard for you and that you don’t think this is not normal or that I’m making this in my mind. I don’t imagine this. This is real for me but I know for those who haven’t experienced this, it’s surely hard to believe. Luckily This is not everyday life. I don’t always feel these kind of things, just sometimes and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. No one just talks about this. So I really want to hear if someone else have been experienced same kind of things? It would be interesting to switch thoughts!

(By the way, that song is one of my favorites! It’s very touching! This is how I feel sometimes when we argue with my spouse and he’s accusing me of something.)

Have a great weekend!


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