This is good cider and the can is so beautiful I think.

We are back to normal autumn
(as you can see some of those pictures.) Snowy winter lasted only few days and then melted away… 

My bad luck with job searching still continues. At Monday I should have an interview to the home help service company which makes home cleaning and some other home help services. That company is ranked as best home help service company 2017 and they have quite good wage. That’s why I made an apply there. So I should have an interview there but I was too late, only because I was searching that place and didn’t find it. I left early but the place was just so hard to find. There was a big site also which made even harder to find the right way but I had a route guide map to help me. Still I didn’t find the right way. When I was trying to follow the map guide, it seemed I’m always going the wrong way. Finally I got there (my very own way). At the door (I was wondering what number to push), I called to some worker of the company who said they’re not there anymore. So I realised they leave after four. (I had my time at four). I didn’t realise it earlier that they end they’re day at four (if there’s not interviews or something). So they weren’t there and I had no choice than just go back. 

What I was wondering, was that I heard any of them who were called to interview at the same time, didn’t came there and I was the only one who even called back. Very weard! Well, we made an agreement to make a new appointment later (which I still haven’t got). Maybe I should call there back at monday! 

This is my life. It seems to be always something wrong, and some weard things happening but I think I got used to it quite well already! 

Have a good weekend all!

This cute gorilla were at pharmacy (at Vuosaari). Isn’t it lovely?

That’s my big tea at Sokos coffee house (they’re normal tea.) This I ordered when I met my good friend there last month. It was long time ago we did met and we did have so much to talk about!

Beautiful Guzmania flowers at Helsinki city flower shop.

Christmas lights have come on windows again.

Great wine of Chile which I bought yesterday…the little pleasures off life!


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