Just when I was totally lost my believe to west metro and thought it will not start in this year anyway, it actually did! It did start today (saturday) in the morning! 

Everybody went totally ”crazy” at the opening (as you can see in my videos). The mood was like in some big happening or like in carnival or something. This little metropoli was for a while like some South-European country or maybe some African country. So lively, noisy and full of people. (Normally we are so quiet at public as you probably already knew.) We are teached to be like that from our childhood. Mom and dad always told us that we should be quiet so that we don’t disturb anyone. 

Anyway…finally it’s true! I can go to Espoo with metro from Helsinki. Now let’s see how long will the second period take where they build five stations more. I wonder if it’s ready in right time.

From this it did start in 2009…

…and here we are now.

The opening of west metro.

I like the design of these new metro stations. Here below you can see few examples.

”Niittykumpu” station.

”Urheilupuisto” station. This is my favourite!

”Tapiola” station.

(Added 21.11.) I realised that Finland was at the west metro opening like in 1995 when we won our first gold medal at hockey mm-tour. It was quite same mood! So should I say that finnish people get joy of hockey and metro…😉

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