The night before yesterday I saw a dream that ”A” was at home again. She sut at her wheel chair and was like she was a little bit before she totally lost her memory and understanding ability, before she didn’t do much more than just sleep. 

At first I didn’t think about it but then suddenly I realised that she should be dead and started wonder how can she sit there.

I talked about that to her son who was trying to explain this to me. I said that we were her funeral but he still didn’t think it’s anything weird. I started to believe that this woman is actually not ”A”. I thought she’s someone else, just same looking woman but then again I didn’t know what to think. 

Anyway, her son wanted me to continue to taking care of this woman and so I did. I tried to forget about my suspiciousnes even I was so confused. I felt like I made an time travel from few years back! 


Well, maybe this dream came because I’ve been missing ”A” lately. Now when I have time to think everything, (cause I don’t work so regularly), I have look back all of our funny moments and everything we got through. We experienced so much together…


By the way, my bad luck at job searching still continues. I found a nice seeming job but surprise surprise…that woman did already promise the job either one of two people she did interview. Is there more unemployed or what? Earlier I got all care taking jobs right away. These days it seems like there’s more competition.

Take care and have a nice weekend!


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