For long time ago I will write a dance post…

Yesterday we had very fun at gymnastic class. We begun our class with burlesque. The teacher was one of us, girl who (obviously) have been training that dance style. It was ”quite” different than our own training usually is but it was totally refreshing. (Some movements of hands were familiar from our own class). It was also technically more easier than flow gymnastics and very very feminine which is what I love. 

The point what we were really training with that burlesque was the expression. It do help a lot! I really enjoyed that! (Luckily we got to keep our clothes on! Well, we were just with girls anyway…but I’m happy we’re not gonna perform this anywhere with furbelows burlesque dancers use. That would be too much for me!)

I didn’t realise burlesque (at it’s best) is actually hard work! If you work your body at maximum and make floor movements (like some kind of pushup movements), it really is!

There you have clips for example from the movie: ”Burlesque” which I love and which was the music we used at our class. The music is great! Lovely cabare style with spinning sound! Also Christina Aguilera is great! That’s the way to do it, with attitude, elegance and with glamorous! Like a diva!

So let’s burlesque girls! I think this can help also if you have self-esteem problems. Let your selves be diva for a while!

In the end some basic movements so that you can learn it if you want.


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