CHRISTMAS CALENDAR 10.12. (”Tuomaan markkinat”)

Christmas atmosphere in Helsinki, Senate Square…

”Tuomaan markkinat” is the old, traditional christmas market in Helsinki. 

”In 2015, the Huffington Post ranked Helsinki Christmas Market among the 15 European Christmas markets we love to love.”

Last year there was 350 000 visitors in all from 95 country.

This years novelty in the market is a stage for performers.


8 ajatusta artikkelista “CHRISTMAS CALENDAR 10.12. (”Tuomaan markkinat”)

      • The setting is very nice – very beautiful, but honestly, that’s where it ends. We weren’t impressed with the vendors – there was a serious lack of variety of items for sale. Plus, all the music was American Christmas music. I didn’t go all the way to Tallinn to hear music that I could hear on the radio back home. Tallinn itself is a beautiful city and we enjoyed the city as a whole, it was just that the Christmas market was lacking.


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