CHRISTMAS CALENDAR 16.12. (The Julekalender/The Joulukalenteri)

This is my favorite ”joulukalenteri” (Christmas calendar) ever showed in tv. The original format is Danish (1991). From Denmark this show went to Norway (1994), and from there it came to Finland (1997). 

For long time I thought it’s Finnish show (mostly because there’s Finnish multitalented person: Jukka Virtanen as ”iki-iäkäs” and the story teller. Also Jukka Virtanen is the script writer of the show. So I thought it’s his own story (it could match in his style) but anyhow it’s a copy.) 

Still, the show is great! It’s not typical children’s christmas calendar (atleast it’s not for the little kids). It’s more for adults. The story is very fun and clever! 

I was 17 at the time this program was first time showed in Finnish tv. I fell in love in it right away. It became (probably) the biggest highlight of my day by that december! This year, they’re showing it again after long time.

Watch these funny clips! Even if you don’t understand, it’s still fun. The most funny thing is danish ”Gertrud” (old woman who’s actually a man). Her voice is so funny! It’s hilarious! 

Also it’s funny to compare these three different versions among each other! (These clips includes scenes of each countrys versions).

If you didn’t already realise, there is only three actors which are all acting two roles. So, one very funny thing is when one of the elfs fall in love with his selves (that old woman).

Oh, and the music is great…and those sayings!

By the way, the elfs are speaking their ”own language” where have been included english words like this…

”It’s so hard to be tonttuman.” (tonttu/orig.nisse=elf)


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