My favourite salmiac! I had to buy this yesterday when I saw videos where foreigners tasted these (the black ones) and almost all of them did spit it away…but when we watched these videos with my spouse, we wanted to have this candy for long time ago! (These are the fruity version, which is more mild, fresh and sweeter than the original black ones, even I like those too). Inside these candys is powder where is the real flavour. Everybody didn’t realise that. So you have to bite it first and then the flavour comes.

Now I’m really really really happy! No, I’m more than that…The reason is, I finally got a new job…and it’s like a dream job for me…(or so it feels!) This kind of working place I’ve been wating for!! It’s care taking job for private person and I’m working at her home (like earlier).

I kind of new that it’s my place cause it felt so warm and also familiar. I get along so well with this present care taker (personal assistant) who did that interview. It’s like we’ve known each other for years.

One of the biggest part of this job is to keep company for her and make things together like get some fresh air, play for example board games, watch movies and so on. Also I will take her to her physiotherapist, wash her hair, do shoppings, cook and bake. Home care will do the rest. This sounds so great and I can’t wait to get there! 

I will also continue that other job cause in this new job I have 25h/week and in that present job I have 10-15 hours at week so together it’s perfect. It makes about full hours!

Did I said already I’m happy about this?! 😀 I just hope that this is not only a dream and I will wake up soon!

This is the best Christmas present ever! 

Have a great week all!!


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