Christmas is coming…

Flower shops window under christmas.

Chai tea is one of my favorite teas. It’s suitable for example at christmas…and in this tea is great vanilla flavour. With cream and honey this is really good!

Today I did buy almost all foods for Christmas like (carrot-, potato- and turnip casserole), herring salad (yes, this year we buy it ready-made, I just add apple in it), and ofcourse salmon. Everything starting to be ready now…

”Saarioinen” foods are really good even those are convenience food!

What’s your favorite Christmas food? Mine is potato- and carrot casserole…and I also really love salmon and herring salad even those are just starters!!

I also drunk my first glogg today. It’s so good!

Like they always say in ”The joulukalenteri” (The Christmas calendar): ”I’m back-olen selkä”. (You know back means two things. It’s not only used as meaning coming back. We all have our own back. ”Selkä” in finnish means this back. So this is finnish joke…but I can’t translate it any better. Hope you understand what I mean!)


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