CHRISTMAS CALENDAR 21.12 (the new alcohol law)

The time of miracles are not over yet!

We will have the new alcohol law in Finland next year. The biggest change is that the stronger beer (and other drinks) will come to grocery store. Since this day grocery stores have had permission to sell only drinks where alcohol persent is max. 4,7%. Next year they have permission to sell drinks max. with 5,5 alcohol per sent.

This change is also including many other things, for example:

  • restaurants can be open 24h (but they can’t sell alcohol after four.) 
  • restaurants also get the license to sell all alcohol drinks. They don’t need distinct permission to strong drinks (A,B,C licenses will depart).
  • Alcohol doesn’t have to be made with fermentation process (don’t ask what the other ways is)

We have had ”ALKO” monopoly (alcohol selling company) for so long, that this is really big thing to us! 

The parliament had a few (long) conversations about this and there were different propositions. Some wanted to rase more that grocery store drinks alcohol per sent limit, some wanted to decrease it. Here is the result. Not bad, I think! 


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