The beautiful morning sun at our balcony!


Now when this year is coming to it’s end, I wanted to list my wishes (and expectations) for the next year 2018. (I’m not making any promises but you can always wish nice things to happening). So here’s my wishlist:

  • I hope I will enjoy my new job and get many new experiences there
  • I hope to getting sleep better
  • I hope I could finally travel (which I haven’t been able to done for years) because of my economic situation
  • I hope my parents will cope next year atleast ok (that they could manage to be at home and that their condition will not come much weaker)
  • I hope the expected Finland’s Gymnaestrada (where I will perform with my team) at summer 2018 is going well, the weather is good and I hope I have great time there (I really believe so)
  • I hope I will build up my body control at flow gymnastics
  • I hope my friends (and all my closest) will do fine
  • I hope we have good (better than last) year with my spouse (much love and care so that we don’t take each other as self-evident what happens too easily) 
  • I hope more sunny days and I hope better summer for the year 2018 than it was 2017 (or else I will loose my mind)

I also wish everything best to all of my readers! I wish you will have much love and happiness in 2018 and I wish healthiness to everybody! 

The hundred years old Finnish maiden got her party’s and life goes on to the next year and to new waters.

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