It’s exactly one year ago when the lady who’s care taker (or personal assistant) I was for 10 years did past away. This year have went really fast and it have included many different periods (atleast in terms of work).

After occasionally task-job working and quite desperate job searching, I finally got to this. I have this quite nice assistant job (this really is more assistant job than care taker job).

I’m mainly cooking, making coffee, doing grocery store shoppings and ofcourse keeping kitchen clean but also sometimes doing other housework (when needed).

Also I wash her (=M) hair once a week and it’s quite relaxing (yes, even for me). Sure these first weeks we have also got to know each other better and I have the feeling we have much common which is making this job even more easy.

So everything is good now but sure I still sometimes mis ”A”. We had so long history…and I mis her dog…and little bit her relatives too. Some of them kept me already as a member of family…

Well, anyway. Let’s go with new winds or how is it said in english…

Have a good week!


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