DOLORES MARY EILEEN O’RIORDAN -The Cranberries- (1971-2018)

The Cranberries (known for example of hits Zombie, Ode To My Family, Linger, Animal instinct) have been one of my favourit bands since my high school times. Their songs brings me much memories of those times.

I remember all those growing pains of teenager and so hopeless love woes which teared me sometimes off but I also remember all fun things; partying, having fun with friends and all those things in school we did have like our senior students dances and abiturient (candidate for the matriculation examination) driving with truck, which we call ”penkkarit”. It’s like time trip to yesterday when I hear that great voice of Dolores.

Cranberries had their own, very unique style! Their rhythm and melodies are amazing (and ofcourse they have good lyrics also.)


Now when Dolores is gone (only at age 46), one period is ended again. She’s singing only in heaven now! I hope angels are with you, Dolores!

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