I totally forgot to make a Valentine’s day post and send cards but I think Valentine’s day can be every day. It shouldn’t be just one day in year like my friend said at her text message yesterday. By the way here in Finland Valentine’s day is actually more like friendships day.

I wanna say to all of my friends, I haven’t forgot you even our liaison (=yhteydenpito) have decreased these past years. Days just go so fast when you got older, in my mind very fast these days. It’s just running range work and home…and my parents home of course, for me (I’m running their errands).

Today here in Finland we had the annual abi (candidate for the matriculation examination) driving. They did make traditional cycle with truck and casted candy for audience. There were much people near at my working place which is so off that there’s never almost anyone. That was when I realised what day today is.

I can’t believe it’s already 18 years of my own abi driving. My gosh, it’s almost 20 years ago. Where did these years go?

It was millennium then. That big year 2000 was just beginned. Nothing happened like some thought. It did not bring the end of the world, neither did computers go out of control. It was the same kind of normal year like the others…except for us who were running the last year off high school. We were celebrating together. We were screaming loudly on the truck feeling free. It felt great even the truth is that it was not the end (of the work)…it was the start of everything…start of real adult life…



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