BBC is wondering, how do finnish cope with cold weather so well. For people in Helsinki ”the beast of east” (the cold airmass from Siberia) is quite temperate…

…Meaning that we are got used to cold wether so well that we don’t go to panic because of that, like the article below says. We don’t have to close schools or kindergarten or anything like that even it have been -10…-20 celsius freeze. We live our normal every day lives despite of that…and we don’t care the snow either differently than like London which goes crazy while having just few degrees freez.

My man’s sister who’s living in London send us a message one day and were amused by their reaction in London when there were -4 degrees. We are living in the middle of cold and snow every winter about 3 months and we couldn’t afford to stop living every year while these months. So -I’m sorry- but that panic is quite funny for us-.

It was the same thing last year in London…and that wasn’t the first time either…maybe it’s time for you too to begin to get ready of this kind of weather…


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