It was womens day yesterday and I just wanna thank God to be finnish woman! Some women could find out something to complain about but I think we are very lucky (for example compared to many other countrys)!

Here in Finland we are all persons not just women or men. It’s not expected anymore that women are behaving some particular way and men some way. We can be whatever we like. That’s the way it should be everywhere. Even women are weaker than men it doesn’t mean we’re worthless. That weakness shouldn’t be abused but somewhere it still sadly is.

We are maybe little bit different but that is richness. I think the weakness of women can be good thing also. We are so loving and caring. We have empathy and patience much more than men usually are. We take other people noted well and often prefer others needs. We are completing each other…and even we are different we can both be valuable.

Suitably for womens day in France they got the law that you will get surcharge of sexual harassment. I’m sure the rest of the Europe will follow. It’s good harassment is finally taken seriously (but still I hope that possibility is not used in wrong way, like that you will get the surcharge on accidentally watching someone’s breasts if woman don’t like that. It would not be fair). This can be causing many mistakes and difficulty defining situations.

Hope all women around the world had a lovely women’s day!

(I will soon write a post of one finnish well known woman who passed away few days ago so stay tuned!)

(I actually thought I did publish this post at night before fall asleep but obviously I was so sleepy I didn’t press that publish button. So here it is now with little modifying.) 😂 😮 😌


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