This song (”Kissanpäivät”=dog days) is for all unemployed. It’s about the ability just be and enjoy life without any rush. Nice song which make you feel better when your unemployed (and worried about your finance).

(By the way we say dog days as cat days; kissa=cat).


I promised to write soon but I’m sorry I couldn’t write for a while anything cause there’s something that took my writing motivation away.


I did lose my mainjob which I started only two months ago and which I really liked. I was too depressed at first but I’m starting to accept this already. I’m not sure how correctly that all went and I’m not sure all of the reasons what made ”M” to make this decision.

I do know that she wanted to take her ex-assistant back who’s good friend of her. That assistant did get sick and had to stop that job but now she have rehabilitated and is ”back to business” again. I think that was the main reason but I also feel that ”M” didn’t tell me everything. As she said she’s not good to speak straight when I asked about that (even she should, she’s my ”employer”).

So at first I was thinking what did I do wrong cause there got to be something or maybe it’s more that she didn’t like my personality (or my way to do things).

I was so disappointed that she couldn’t tell me straight what was this about cause then I could have make it better. I could do something. I have very strong working morality and I really want to do my job well so this made me really sad! Besides I found out that even I had testing period on, there should still be good basis on dismissal and I actually should have get warning first.

Well, I’m not a member of the trade union and I don’t want to make this bigger (like go to court where I probably would not have very good chances to win).

I just wish this didn’t happened because of my retards cause those I had only because of the problems of metro traffic. Those problems made me often come late (which ”M” could be essentially using against of me). Also I got sick soon I started that job but I had the medical certificate. Atleast ”M” said she understood these things.

This is one of the biggest challenges of this job. Personality and chemistry between worker and helpneeder plays so big role. You should be the right image of what that helpneeder is waiting for. It’s not easy cause you never can please everyone, no matter what you do!

I have also been thinking what was the meaning of this period. Why did I even got this job? I got to chance to see that great place and then it was taken away from me.

Atleast I did learn something. Now I know what to do at next place. I will ask at the beginning if there’s something I should do differently and it could be good to know in detail what all should I do. That is something which is not usually perfectly clear in this job. Usually the job description is something like ”helping in daily things” (like in this past job). I got the feeling I should be mainly guessing the things I should do.

I can’t read minds so at the future I have to ask for to tell me what to do (when needed). Apparently I can’t to trust to anymore it’s ok if I have pauses or if I feel like it could be right time to talk or get to know each other better (which in my mind is also important at the beginning).


Pirjo Kauppinen was journalist who passed away about two week’s ago. She was known about tv-programs: ”Ei koskaan sunnuntaisin” (Never on Sunday’s), ”Divaani” (Divan) and ”Naisten makasiini” (later ”Helmi” =A Pearl). I sometimes watched her programs and liked her person. She felt warm and sympathetic. Kauppinen quadriplegiated at 1998 but surprisingly was able to continue her career over a year after that. Pirjo Kauppinen was selected to the most positive finnish person at 2002.

I got to chance to speak to her personally just while before she passed away. I namely did apply to work to her as her assistant (/or care taker) last autumn. She called me and said she had already hired someone but she also said she could have had some substitutions or summerjob for me. I wasn’t so excited of that (don’t get much paid) but we had very nice and quite long conversation and she promised to call me again. I also sent my cv to her as she asked and she was clearly very impressed. She called me at the end of the year and told me she will fire her assistant and would like to meet me. At that time I had got my work as ”M”’s assistant and I didn’t went to meet her.

After she passed away I thought it could have been interesting to meet with her. I think working with her could have been really nice. She was clearly humorous person (like me) and that kind of persons are usually casual, friendly and nice! Also I might could had meet other interesting people!

I was quite shocked to hear she’s gone even I didn’t get to know her well but still. I did speak to her just while before. I couldn’t believe it. She was still so young too, but life is like that, you never know what happens but that’s not all…

Also one of our familymember took her last breath about a week ago, my man’s GRANDMOTHER passed away at year 91. Atleast she had a long life. In that age it’s natural to let go. She was already so weak that this is surely better for her. She’s in better place right now! We will remember you with warm thoughts…as Pirjo too…

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  1. Wonderful music! If work was so wonderful, it wouldn’t be called ”work.” Enjoy your chance to be at peace with yourself, and be by yourself, you are afterall, a excellent person, worth getting to know and spend time with!

  2. Oh and I still have my second assistant job but there I have just little working hours.

    I really did like this main job but was always tired cause I should wake up quite early (I’m not a morning person at all) and I did stay awake too late every night. So this sleepiness affected my work…


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