Last days I have been too tired to write. I haven’t slept well and just couldn’t do this post but here it finally comes…


One of us is gone again and have went to heavenly home…

We buried my partners grandmother 7.4. with family. (These were my third funeral in 14 months and I so wish I could see my family members and buddys for a chance at more joyful events.) No wonder, I have been thinking and scaring death so much lately which have naturally made me feel very bad. Still, I was so happy to see everybody. I was really happy to see also sister of my man who lives in London and came here for the funeral.

As usually, the funeral service was beautiful and touching. Everytime at funeral (this time also) I feel my mortality when I’m listening the speak of the priest. (I guess that’s what’s happening to most of us). Also two of those psalms we did sing together were my absolutely favorites. These touched my heart deeply! (Those psalms you can find in this post. 1. ”Päivä vain ja hetki kerrallansa” (Day and moment all at once). 2. ”Sua kohti herrani” (”Nearer My God to thee”).

When the funeral service was over, we went to my partners parents where was that traditional cake and coffee service. (There were also bun and candy at the table.) Eating is something which brings us together in every events, like that Saturday also…even I almost got overdose of sugar cause there were only sweet delicacys served. I would like to have also some salty snacks even the cake was super delicious! (That’s why I ate it too much.)

Even funeral is mostly sad event, there is one thing I like. I think it’s detergent that you can cry with your family members and loved ones without any shame. So often we don’t show out how we are truly and deeply feeling (atleast I don’t. It can be maybe some finnish thing, that we are shamed our negative feelings, I think). At funeral there is no reason to hide the sadness. You are all feeling the same sadness. It’s fine. It’s different situation…and after you cried at church, you can laugh at memorial…

Life goes on and I’ve realised we should take ”all free” our life as long as we still have time cause we don’t know when the time ends…

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