The best scene of movie ”Up”. I watched this movie today second time and I cryed again on this starting scene.


This is one of the best animation movies I ever seen (as adult). It did won Oscar 2009 and no wonder why. That’s so touching and it’s not made only for children. The story is very good for adults too.

The movie is about 78-year old man (Edward) who makes her wife’s (Ellie) childhood wish true to go to the adventure to mountains (just before he was sent to nursing home). They developed that trip years together but Ellie dyes just before Edward finally gets the tickets to them. Edward meets a little boy who comes with him to the adventure and together they meet animals and make new friends. Edward becomes happier and stop being so bitter as he was to everybody.

I think Edward was just missing his wife too much. Also they couldn’t get children with Ellie so he didn’t have love in his life until he met his new friends and started to live again…

If you haven’t seen this movie I really recommend to watch it!


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