Except not always. Last months I haven’t really felt that way because of many reasons…but this is a good reminder to keep the positive things in your mind too and not let the bad things take all that good away!

19.4. I was at stomach ultrasonography because my periods been quite uneven lately. At gynecological operations and blood test all seemed to be normal.

Usually I have periods three weeks fortnightly. Now I haven’t had those for five weeks and while earlier those did begin after two weeks already. At that time those did also usually last longer, even over week which was so annoying. Now I’m waiting for my periods desperately. I don’t think I never waited so long than this time. This is very untypical for me.

The ultrasonography operation was quite interesting. Did you know that you have to drink 1 liter 2 hours before that and not go to toilet? Nice…It’s not, I can tell you. Already days before I was scared of that I can’t cope with this. That if I drink so much I have to go to toilet or else I don’t manage to get to the doctor. That was exactly what happened. I couldn’t make it. At first I thought that ok maybe I can do this, I drunk water and juice and I was fine but then an hour went by and I was beginning to leave when I realised that nope, I can’t make it. Nature called me really badly! Well, I called to appointment office where they said that it’s ok if I go to toilet and start drinking after that again, atleast some. I drunk water on my way to doctor, and I made it there finally, a little bit late.

In the lobby there were some older woman who didn’t know how to use the registration automat. I did help her with that and then I got my own line number too. I kind of helped that girl behind me too (who came while after me) cause without me any of us couldn’t get the line numbers…

The operation itselves was easy. Only it was little bit uncomfortable when doctor pulled my stomach (because of my need). Everything seemed to be ok. I have two little lumps in my uterus which are not (necessary) needing any operations unless those makes symptoms. I started to think that maybe those could cause the problems of my periods…or then these problems could be caused by my thyroid which is little low. It have been vibrating for years and been usually barely normal. I think medication could maybe help me specially now when I have the problems with my periods and also I can’t sleep well and I’m always more or less tired…Well, let’s see what happens. I have blood test again on my birth day.

I have been so week last months. I have had some infection and maxillary sinus problems almost whole time more or less on (like on off). I have been reading about what could help and found good indications but I will write more on that later. So ’till the next time. Hope you’r all feeling better…

…and thank God it’s May already, my favourite month of the year. It is helping me fighting against this exhaustion. Finally winter is crushed!


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