The beautiful trees at my home hoods in spring colors.

I had birth day few days ago. (So I have been living this life 38 years already (which sounds really weird and really surrealistic).

My birth day was very different than ever before. In the morning I went to take blood test. There were long queue like usually. I sut there to wait my turn. I was extremely tired cause I didn’t sleep almost at all the night before and I had previously sleep debt. I was dreaming of cup of some fine coffee (like ”President” or ”Juhla mokka”) but unfortunately I couldn’t drink it before blood test.

I sut there a while watching tv before I started to feel faint. I thought that maybe a coup of water will help and went to get water but it was too late. When I came back to my place I did faint.

One beautiful tree more.

When I woke up, there was many worried people around me. That wasn’t my first time I fainted and I was not worried. I was just thinking like ”I’m ok, don’t you worry”.

Then I was taken to the resting room where I waited nurse a while to take the blood test. After that came another nurse who ”interviewed” me and took more tests and measured my fever which was normal. Also other test results were very good! (Blood test results weren’t yet completed.)

Nurse believed that the reason what caused my faint was dehydration. My blood pressure probably decreased quickly because of that which can sometimes happend. I think that part of the reason could be also my sleep debts and being without nutrition on that morning.

In addition I noticed I had hurt my left flank when I fell down on my chair (which felt like chest pain). Nurse did palpate it and noted it’s not broken. Everything seemed to be ok and eventually she let me go home.

On my way home, I bought my first strawberries on the market this spring. Those costed only 4€. Surprisingly cheap price this time of the year!

I also went to pharmacy and bought pain killer. Those I have been eating every day since this. So the pain haven’t ease up. I wish it will soon, or I will loose my mind! I don’t want to eat pain killer’s like candy!

This is troublesome pain cause I feel it strongly when I exhale deeply, cough, sneeze, get up on the bed, put my tights on or a little when I’m laughing. Also any sudden movements or jerks are no good.

Like one day when I was at tram, it did suddenly brake and I swayed. I felt that in my flank also. Well, luckily I have no flu right now (when I probably would cough and sneeze much more!)

Have a great new week!

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