Meet my (nickname) namesake: ”Allu” -chick. There is available much ”Allu” -chick products in Finland. It’s made by ”Aarikka”. I have also got ”Allu” glasses as a birthday present sometimes.

I have big news to you which I can’t wait to tell you cause I’m so exited about it but I think it’s still a little too soon. So I’m not gonna tell you yet. Have to wait for a while…Well, I can tell you this, I got an amazing opportunity, a great commercial convention. I could never believe I’ll get this kind of chance one day and only thanks to my blog…but that’s all for now about this. I tell you more later.

This is ”joy of life diploma” from my godparents on my birthday years ago. Now they are both gone. My received cards is my only memory left of them (along with photos ofcourse).

This card I received from my friend on the Valentine’s day (which is actually more like friendships day in Finland). Lovely card!

Ok, on this post I have my old cards which I have received from my friends over years. These are great memories for me. I found those cards when I cleaned my old room for my mom when she was in hospital.

My mom got back home from hospital at Thursday and she have now some medicines for her memory issues.

My dad was happy that mom got home cause he had been so lonely. What is funny, my mom did actually enjoy her time in hospital cause living there was so easy. Now she said she have the feeling she can’t do anything anymore by her selves and wondered can it be that when you’re a while in hospital you forget how to do things what were so obvious before. Yes it can and unfortunately it usually is so (if we’re talking about seniors).

This says: ”Happy birthday to Allu”. It’s made by my childhood friend.

One of my nice birthday cards. It says: ”For you…the whole cup!”

One day when I organised the living room bureau for my parents (were is still some papers), I found something quite ”interesting”, I found my really old note. It was almost exactly 15 years old note. Unbelievable it’s been there so long. I don’t know how it’s possible cause I have sometimes processed those papers but I know the note is this old cause in that note there were draft of report from my time on painter school and on other side there were a note ”what to take to boat trip with”. I made a boat trip to Stockholm 2003 with my good friend when I was also studying to a painter.

I remember it so well cause I made very hard summer job to one painting firm at that time. I painted pipes on one school. It was very hot by then and those classes were like saunas. There were not even windows in every class rooms.

I was climbing ladders and carrying those ladders and heavy paint jars from class room to another. I was so exhausted and I was counting hours on that trip day waiting to get to the boat…

”With flower branches hiding touch of a friend, look so tender and warm”.

”In the garden of life, there’s always place for a friend”.

By the way I got that trip (with great luxury cab) from my mom who got it from her coworker. We had real fun with my friend!! Unbelievable it’s already so many years ago!!

Well, that was all by now. Have a nice weekend!

Good friend: ”is reading you between the lines”, ”sees the bright sides of things”, ”listening in joy and in sadness”, ”joyful smile gets you on good mood”, ”helps you on good- and on bad times”, ”the heart is full of sympathy”. Sweet words…My old Valentine’s day card.


Finnish television YLE filmed a program named ”juhannusjuna” (as Midnight sun train) in 2012.

The program filmed train trip between Helsinki-Rovaniemi. It lasted the whole midsummer night. Anyone could jump in that train.

The idea was great! I love trains. There is something calming sit in train, listening that clanking and watching the beautiful views (or in my case watch that train on television). Specially in bright finnish summer the views are amazing!

There were also different performers in the train, music quiz, interviews and stuff like that. On some of the stations were also different kinds of performers. You’ll get the idea better if you watch these clips (even partly). Unfortunately those are only on finnish.

I hope they will make this kind of program again some year…


Happy Midsummer or Hyvää juhannusta/”Jussia”!

Have sauna, relish, drink (within reason), make some midsummer magic and enjoy summer (even the weather is more like autumnal here in Finland. It’s 11c right now and also windy so it’s very cold)! Anyway…

have fun!

…pus pus…(it’s me in the middle).

…and greetings from Turku gymnastic girls…(it’s me again on the left).


The grave of Kaarina Maununtytär (Karin Månsdotter). She was the wife of Erik XIV-king of Sweden and the queen of Sweden 87 days in 1568. (Finland was part of Sweden by then).

Firstly I’m sorry I have been so busy that I haven’t been very active to check out other bloggers posts but I hope you don’t get mad to me!

It’s just that I had that trip and my mom is still in hospital and dad is alone at home. So I have been running to see them both.

These three photos are from ”Lumo” (Charm) competition 9.6. at Marli arena.

My mom is not coming back home very soon. She’s disordered to some extent and she need to get magnetic resonance imaging to getting diagnosed. She waited to get there for long time now. I just hope she will not become passive in hospital. Well, we can’t do anything than just wait.

Anyway, I promised to post more photos from the Gymnaestrada event (and that Turku trip generally). So here you are!

These two photos are also from ”Lumo” -competition.

These next photos are from ”Rock, rauha, rakkaus” (Rock, peace, love)- evening show 9.6. at Marli-arena.

Japanese talented Kokushika University gymnasts.

Great acrobat gymnasts!

Graves and chapels in Turku Cathedral (the only medieval basilika cathedral in Finland).

The holy Yrjänä’s chapel who were Roman soldier, Christian’s martyr and inter alia scouts patron saint.

The grave of Åke Tott -finnish soldier who became field marshal 1631-.

I think this was Totti extended family chapel.

Stålhandske chapel (sielujen kappeli) -where you can find the coffer of warlord Stålhandske-.

The holy flesh chapel. The chapel of many pastors, soldiers and other dignitary. Inter alia Magnus Bishop have been buried in here.

Knut Posse have been buried in holy people chapel. He was Swedish soldier. He’s remembered of successful defence of Vyborg castle against russian in 1495.

Turku Cathedral

Tuomiokirkonkatu 1, 20500 Turku

Open every day 9.00-18.00.

On that link you will find Gymnaestrada closing ceremony where is inter alia our Group performance: ”Elämän voima” (Life Force) and all gymnasts final performance. Don’t know if this is working outside of Finland or not…


Final Group performance at closing ceremony. I was in the middle tree branch.

Finland Gymnaestrada event is over and I have got back to normal life! That few days in Turku was like living in some bubble. If you know what I mean. Like you’re some kind of star in gymnasts own little world…

The closing ceremony was on Sunday at Turku. We had over 1100 gymnasts on our head Group performance (”Life Force” =Elämän voima) and over 4000 gymnasts on the final Group performance (where almost all gymnasts were in).

Our half at court made it really well but I herd there were some problems on the other half of court. Well, something always happens but nothing too bad…and it seems to be that if rehearsal goes well, then the show is not so perfect, like this time. Anyway the integrity was fine which is the most important thing.

”Lumo (-charm)” show. My room mate’s friend was in this performance.

Our part felt very short (this show was shorter than our last Group performance) and too soon it was all over. Right after when I saw the crowded audience and got the perfect mood, the performance was over…

It was fun but tough day. It was first very warm and sunny day which made it so hard. We waited there in sunny, burning court so long. I was little bit scared I will get heatstroke. I had burned already my neck quite badly and my eyes were running probably because of my (too old?) make up and because of sun. So besides heatstroke I was also scared of that I don’t see anything while the show…

Also we didn’t have water while we waited on our lines but one of my team mate’s was so fair that bought a bottle of water for me on the kiosk which was in front of our waiting lines. (I didn’t have my money with me there).

Our women on the evening show at ”Marli-arena”.

Saturday 9.6.

Let’s get back to Saturday…As Friday, also Saturday started with good breakfast with fairly portion coffee ofcourse (cause I never sleep well at new placies that was needed).

I was so happy we had much more free time than Friday. We had only two hours rehearsal and it went well. The settings seemed to be clear and for the first time it felt really easy to do that it gave me certainty.

After our rehearsal we ate at market with my room mate and went to see ”Lumo” (=charm) gymnastic competition where her sister were competing. After that we went to Turku cathedral where I was first time in my life. That is really beautiful and unique. There is also old dignitarys graves.

In the evening we went to watch a hall show were part of our girls were performing with performance: ”Autumn”. After that show we went to eat with our team to the restaurant near our hotel. Nice and eventful evening!

Turku Cathedral


At Sunday I had to wake up early cause we had dress rehearsal at 9.30. and that room should been gived away at midday. It was hustle again. I did even forget my charger to hotel room and I had to get back while I was already on my way to the court…and you know the rest.

In the end I want to thank the audience which made this experience so great again! They were fully with us! They clapped and whistled to us! Even though I was before the show very tired and strengthless I got the energy from audience and did enjoy fully! When you see and hear the audience then you realise it’s all real and you’re really performing (and not just practising)!

Big thanks also to all who were making this event true! I got unforgettable memories!

Hope you too had a great weekend!

(More photos coming soon!)


Turku cathedral, the only medieval basilika cathedral in Finland.


We had very long day today! 6 hours non-stop gymnastic practising on the court…with only one ”longer” 20 min. break. (and some short drinking break).

I used mostly that 20min.break at toilet queue. That was the only change to get there. Then I had to eat so I went to buy two spring rolls at food stall at market, beside court. When I was still eating, I heard a notice that we should get back so I ate the rest of my food later (on that drinking break). Now I’m so exhausted! I’m happy that we got this day through already…and it did in the end went well…

I got only about 4-5 hours sleep last night (I never sleep well at new placies before I get use to that place) so I’m very tired now…

Yesterday evening I also made a long walk. It was lovely to walk late in the evening in silence, when party music ended and only music you could hear was singing of birds.

I found so beautiful placies (as you can see on my photos)!

Today I didn’t get any photos, cause the whole day went on rehearsal and I didn’t have my phone with me there but I’ll post more photos tomorrow!

So ”see you” tomorrow!

These photos are taken on bus window.


I’m on my way to Turku now…and I can’t wait to get there!! I almost missed my bus cause the zipper of my bag did failed just when I left home, but luckily I got it fixed…and I could also keep my bag with me. I thought they put it in retention but my bag(s) where so small I could take these in bus…

So I gonna be at Turku ’till Sunday when there is final show where women around Finland will have a massive flow gymnastics show (court show). My team is also performing there. It’s seen on finnish television at Sunday YLE TV2 13.25.

I’ve never been in Turku before (only transit on my way to Aland) so it’s nice to see that city of culture (Finland’s old capital).

More coming later. Now I gonna admire this beautiful views…


That’s my siluette which is made at Linnanmäki-amusement park. I think the year was -90.

Finnish formula driver Kimi Räikkönen got a charge of harassment from a waitress who accuses Kimi of grabbing her breasts. She’s asking atleast 10 000 000 of that ”suffer”. For real, is she serious?! Ok, it’s not right and it’s not nice thing to do but I don’t think any woman could get very serious trauma of something like that. I mean, pleace you’re not saying you lost your night sleep because of that?!

This is exactly what I was scared of this new harassment law will lead us. Women can use this law so wrong against men. It’s too easy!

I think every woman have experienced something like that sometimes. Every woman could also be rich if they always press charges in those kind of situations.

I also think we all know why this greedy woman did this, right! We can’t be even sure if she were provoke and flirting with Kimi so that she could strain money from him. It’s so obvious that she saw only money there. She could atleast be happy with much smaller amount then this maybe wouldn’t be so clear but 10 000 000. Yeah, right!

What comes about Kimis behavior. He is like most men in Finland. They become jerks when they drink a lot. They’ll make things (I bet) they dream about when they’re clear but don’t dare to do. As we know, alcohol remove inhibitions and it’s easy to do what you like. That’s the reason finnish drink so much cause normally they’re so fearful. They drink and then they will act like idiots.

That is very exorbitant using from that girl. She knows Kimi have money and she thought:


I don’t respect that kind of women. They don’t suffer, they just trying to get easy money!!

Well, that’s pretty much all I wanted to say about this…

Next I gonna lead you to Turku and to ”Finland national Gymnaestrada”, where I will be performing at Sunday on court show with about thousand gymnasts…

I’ll be back…


All over the world students have been celebrating their graduation last days. (As Leevi, son of Teemu Selänne, who did graduate at high school in Kalifornia.)

In Finland that graduation day was yesterday. Few days earlier I made cleaning in my old -childhood home- room (for my mom who’s now at hospital but are soon coming back and is sleeping there). I found so much my old stuff, among other things for example the map with old cards where were also my high school graduation cards. It did bring memories to me…

I still remember so clearly my own graduation from high school. It was in year 2001 so it’s like ages ago but it was one of the best days in my life cause I felt I had reached something so big. In reality by afterwards, that was just waypoint in my life but it felt great by then…and truly rightfully.

It takes much work to get in that, it takes much energy, it takes much time…Sometimes it takes even your night sleeps…and there is so much more troubles in youngsters life. So it’s not easy way to graduate and try to find yourselves at the same time. To think what you gonna do and where you will be…

Be proud of yourselves and enjoy now! I wish all the best for those who graduated this year!


I was gonna publish this post when the topic was actual but I haven’t find time for that, my writing motivation have been lost some time and I always find other topics to write…but now I finally gonna make this…

This is something I suffered (more or less) whole spring. Those symptoms just didn’t stop (or maybe for a while just that these could come back again soon). At some point I thought it will never end.

I got also antibiotic recept but it was only just in case. By then I was little bit better and I don’t want to eat antibiotics if I don’t really necessarily need those…and no-one should cause like everyone already should know those don’t work anymore as well because of overuse. What do we do if antibiotics will not work in the future?!

Well, I had also another medicine but that made me so tired that I could use it only before sleep and it didn’t work so well (it should be used 1-3 times per day). Then I had nasonex-nose spray.

This is great option for yoghurt (oat snack).

I started to read how I could ease these troublesome symptoms naturally and also tested gross of those helpful things. If you are also suffering these annoying symptoms, you can try these:

Things what should help:

  • milkless and fruit-vegetable-bearing regimen (milk is causing allergic symptoms for many of us and can be rising slime secretion) Try atleast these: ginger, pineapple, melon, musk melon, eucalyptus, onion, celery, thyme, avocado, garlic, citrus-fruits, carrot, asparagus (ginger is my new favorite, unless it’s good in tea, it’s also perfect in vegetable soups and it’s real super food, thyme is also good)
  • tooth hygiene (that was at first surprising for me but it’s actually quite logic, it minimums the bacterial)
  • nosecan (haven’t tested yet, sounds a little bit scary to use. Also some say, they don’t get all water out…but I would like to test this some day cause so many people say it’s really helpful.)
  • avoiding sweet treats and sugar
  • avoiding junk food and food additive
  • avoid pollution (like cigarette smoke and all environmental poison)
  • (prosessed meat (I don’t know about that, have eat it and it haven’t bother me but sure there are some personal differences))

I would add also (maybe) dust to harmful subjects. I think I suffer more when it’s not clean in our home. Few weeks ago my man did hoover here and I feel it did also help. (Yes, it should be done again, were not hoovering very often…)

I have tried also septabene -over-the counter- medicine which I liked. Those are pastils which helping eruptions in mouth and in throat, inter alia at gingivitis (which I have and I didn’t even know there is medicine for that before I accidentally found this). I can’t be sure how big perpetrator it was but I felt better after using it for a while and those taste great. It’s like real tasty candy (but expensive candy) ! I’ve been thinking that maybe gingivitis is also in touch with maxillary sinus symptoms (like bad mouth hygienic is).

I feel much better now when I have been using this new regimen. Maybe I should follow it more better (like eat less candy and other sweets and drink less sugared drinks but I just love juice, chocolate, biscuits, pastries…). Sometimes I slip a little of eating so healthy. Sometimes I eat ice cream (like today) and little bit cheese (should try milkless versions) but it’s not so tragic cause I still feel better than earlier. Yogurt I changed to substitute products (oat and soy snacks). These are not the same but some of those are still good.

Now when I think I’m sure I didn’t get vitamins enough earlier and that will bring bacterial in to your body and cause many kind of problems to you. Specially c-vitamin is very important if you wan to stay healthy!

I have also read that stress and all problems in your life will worsen maxillary sinus symptoms. That’s after all quite logic and after reading that I realised I have been stressed lately. I have had economical issues and I have been trying to find my way not knowing where to go next now when I lost my main job. I would maybe like to studying but that needs motivation and money which means job and then comes the issue how to mix those…but that’s already another topic. This is everything for now! Hope these tips will help you like they did help me!

Have a good weekend!