I was gonna publish this post when the topic was actual but I haven’t find time for that, my writing motivation have been lost some time and I always find other topics to write…but now I finally gonna make this…

This is something I suffered (more or less) whole spring. Those symptoms just didn’t stop (or maybe for a while just that these could come back again soon). At some point I thought it will never end.

I got also antibiotic recept but it was only just in case. By then I was little bit better and I don’t want to eat antibiotics if I don’t really necessarily need those…and no-one should cause like everyone already should know those don’t work anymore as well because of overuse. What do we do if antibiotics will not work in the future?!

Well, I had also another medicine but that made me so tired that I could use it only before sleep and it didn’t work so well (it should be used 1-3 times per day). Then I had nasonex-nose spray.

This is great option for yoghurt (oat snack).

I started to read how I could ease these troublesome symptoms naturally and also tested gross of those helpful things. If you are also suffering these annoying symptoms, you can try these:

Things what should help:

  • milkless and fruit-vegetable-bearing regimen (milk is causing allergic symptoms for many of us and can be rising slime secretion) Try atleast these: ginger, pineapple, melon, musk melon, eucalyptus, onion, celery, thyme, avocado, garlic, citrus-fruits, carrot, asparagus (ginger is my new favorite, unless it’s good in tea, it’s also perfect in vegetable soups and it’s real super food, thyme is also good)
  • tooth hygiene (that was at first surprising for me but it’s actually quite logic, it minimums the bacterial)
  • nosecan (haven’t tested yet, sounds a little bit scary to use. Also some say, they don’t get all water out…but I would like to test this some day cause so many people say it’s really helpful.)
  • avoiding sweet treats and sugar
  • avoiding junk food and food additive
  • avoid pollution (like cigarette smoke and all environmental poison)
  • (prosessed meat (I don’t know about that, have eat it and it haven’t bother me but sure there are some personal differences))

I would add also (maybe) dust to harmful subjects. I think I suffer more when it’s not clean in our home. Few weeks ago my man did hoover here and I feel it did also help. (Yes, it should be done again, were not hoovering very often…)

I have tried also septabene -over-the counter- medicine which I liked. Those are pastils which helping eruptions in mouth and in throat, inter alia at gingivitis (which I have and I didn’t even know there is medicine for that before I accidentally found this). I can’t be sure how big perpetrator it was but I felt better after using it for a while and those taste great. It’s like real tasty candy (but expensive candy) ! I’ve been thinking that maybe gingivitis is also in touch with maxillary sinus symptoms (like bad mouth hygienic is).

I feel much better now when I have been using this new regimen. Maybe I should follow it more better (like eat less candy and other sweets and drink less sugared drinks but I just love juice, chocolate, biscuits, pastries…). Sometimes I slip a little of eating so healthy. Sometimes I eat ice cream (like today) and little bit cheese (should try milkless versions) but it’s not so tragic cause I still feel better than earlier. Yogurt I changed to substitute products (oat and soy snacks). These are not the same but some of those are still good.

Now when I think I’m sure I didn’t get vitamins enough earlier and that will bring bacterial in to your body and cause many kind of problems to you. Specially c-vitamin is very important if you wan to stay healthy!

I have also read that stress and all problems in your life will worsen maxillary sinus symptoms. That’s after all quite logic and after reading that I realised I have been stressed lately. I have had economical issues and I have been trying to find my way not knowing where to go next now when I lost my main job. I would maybe like to studying but that needs motivation and money which means job and then comes the issue how to mix those…but that’s already another topic. This is everything for now! Hope these tips will help you like they did help me!

Have a good weekend!

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