All over the world students have been celebrating their graduation last days. (As Leevi, son of Teemu Selänne, who did graduate at high school in Kalifornia.)

In Finland that graduation day was yesterday. Few days earlier I made cleaning in my old -childhood home- room (for my mom who’s now at hospital but are soon coming back and is sleeping there). I found so much my old stuff, among other things for example the map with old cards where were also my high school graduation cards. It did bring memories to me…

I still remember so clearly my own graduation from high school. It was in year 2001 so it’s like ages ago but it was one of the best days in my life cause I felt I had reached something so big. In reality by afterwards, that was just waypoint in my life but it felt great by then…and truly rightfully.

It takes much work to get in that, it takes much energy, it takes much time…Sometimes it takes even your night sleeps…and there is so much more troubles in youngsters life. So it’s not easy way to graduate and try to find yourselves at the same time. To think what you gonna do and where you will be…

Be proud of yourselves and enjoy now! I wish all the best for those who graduated this year!


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