That’s my siluette which is made at Linnanmäki-amusement park. I think the year was -90.

Finnish formula driver Kimi Räikkönen got a charge of harassment from a waitress who accuses Kimi of grabbing her breasts. She’s asking atleast 10 000 000 of that ”suffer”. For real, is she serious?! Ok, it’s not right and it’s not nice thing to do but I don’t think any woman could get very serious trauma of something like that. I mean, pleace you’re not saying you lost your night sleep because of that?!

This is exactly what I was scared of this new harassment law will lead us. Women can use this law so wrong against men. It’s too easy!

I think every woman have experienced something like that sometimes. Every woman could also be rich if they always press charges in those kind of situations.

I also think we all know why this greedy woman did this, right! We can’t be even sure if she were provoke and flirting with Kimi so that she could strain money from him. It’s so obvious that she saw only money there. She could atleast be happy with much smaller amount then this maybe wouldn’t be so clear but 10 000 000. Yeah, right!

What comes about Kimis behavior. He is like most men in Finland. They become jerks when they drink a lot. They’ll make things (I bet) they dream about when they’re clear but don’t dare to do. As we know, alcohol remove inhibitions and it’s easy to do what you like. That’s the reason finnish drink so much cause normally they’re so fearful. They drink and then they will act like idiots.

That is very exorbitant using from that girl. She knows Kimi have money and she thought:


I don’t respect that kind of women. They don’t suffer, they just trying to get easy money!!

Well, that’s pretty much all I wanted to say about this…

Next I gonna lead you to Turku and to ”Finland national Gymnaestrada”, where I will be performing at Sunday on court show with about thousand gymnasts…

I’ll be back…


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