I’m on my way to Turku now…and I can’t wait to get there!! I almost missed my bus cause the zipper of my bag did failed just when I left home, but luckily I got it fixed…and I could also keep my bag with me. I thought they put it in retention but my bag(s) where so small I could take these in bus…

So I gonna be at Turku ’till Sunday when there is final show where women around Finland will have a massive flow gymnastics show (court show). My team is also performing there. It’s seen on finnish television at Sunday YLE TV2 13.25.

I’ve never been in Turku before (only transit on my way to Aland) so it’s nice to see that city of culture (Finland’s old capital).

More coming later. Now I gonna admire this beautiful views…

Yksi ajatus artikkelista “WELLCOME TO TURKU (THE NATIONAL GYMNAESTRADA 7.-10.6.2018.)

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