Turku cathedral, the only medieval basilika cathedral in Finland.


We had very long day today! 6 hours non-stop gymnastic practising on the court…with only one ”longer” 20 min. break. (and some short drinking break).

I used mostly that 20min.break at toilet queue. That was the only change to get there. Then I had to eat so I went to buy two spring rolls at food stall at market, beside court. When I was still eating, I heard a notice that we should get back so I ate the rest of my food later (on that drinking break). Now I’m so exhausted! I’m happy that we got this day through already…and it did in the end went well…

I got only about 4-5 hours sleep last night (I never sleep well at new placies before I get use to that place) so I’m very tired now…

Yesterday evening I also made a long walk. It was lovely to walk late in the evening in silence, when party music ended and only music you could hear was singing of birds.

I found so beautiful placies (as you can see on my photos)!

Today I didn’t get any photos, cause the whole day went on rehearsal and I didn’t have my phone with me there but I’ll post more photos tomorrow!

So ”see you” tomorrow!

These photos are taken on bus window.

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  1. I visited Turku twice during my time in Finland. I found the city to be quite beautiful. The cathedral is really neat. And I loved the river setting through the city. There’s also a great museum on the cathedral side that has the history of the city. Great displays and very hands on.

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